Zara goes into battle for Daniel’s job at the prison and Emma is surprised by the strength of her feelings for Jasmine. Karen and Rob start a new fostering chapter.

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Tragedy strikes for Al and a homeless mother.

Karen and Rob welcome their new foster child: Abz. Karen is initially excited to learn that Abz wants to be a health care receptionist and arranges for her to come into work.

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After Daniel expresses his sadness to Zara about being suspended from his duties at the prison, Zara takes matters into her own hands. She goes to the prison and barters for Daniel’s job back – saying that they’re leaving themselves vulnerable without having a doctor on site and could open themselves up for negative publicity.

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Guest Cast

  • David Perks as Barry Biglow
  • Amy Bowden as Abz Baker
  • Dominic Taylor as Jonathan Chapman
  • Rebecca Ryan as Leah Harrison

Doctors airs weekdays at 1:45pm on BBC One