Flesh and Blood spoilers: Episode Three

Vivien and Mark plan their trip to India, but the children’s ongoing distrust of Mark starts to put a strain on the couple’s relationship – despite neighbour Mary’s attempts at reassurance.

Meanwhile the siblings’ private lives are unravelling: Helen’s husband and daughter have both walked out on her; Natalie is close to a breakdown over her situation with Tony; and Jake increasingly relies on Stella for advice on getting back together with Leila. But they drop everything when Jake unearths a darkly disturbing secret about Mark’s past, which makes them fear for their mother’s life.


  • Aaron – Ayden Beale
  • Carla – Stephanie Langton
  • Di Douglas Lineham – David Bamber
  • George – Keir Charles
  • Helen – Claudie Blakley
  • Jake – Russell Tovey
  • Julianne – Pamela Nomvete
  • Leila – Lara Rossi
  • Lily – Grace Hogg-robinson
  • Maddie – Mia Lloyd
  • Mark – Stephen Rea
  • Mary – Imelda Staunton
  • Meera – Clara Indrani
  • Natalie – Lydia Leonard
  • P.c. Issac Cory – Karan Gill
  • Stella – Sharon Small
  • Therapist – Brian Bovell
  • Tony – Vincent Regan
  • Vivien – Francesca Annis

Flesh and Blood airs episode 3 on ITV at 9pm on 26th February.

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