Emmerdale spoilers: Charity’s money secret is revealed and Marlon has had enough

Since it was revealed Pierce (Jonathan Wrather) was the one who really killed Graham Foster it has meant Marlon Dingle can be freed from prison but it doesn’t mean his ordeal is over.

This week on Emmerdale it is Marlon’s daughter April who suffers taunts and bullying for the actions her dad was believed to have carried out and puts on a brave face despite clearly being worried after receiving a text calling Marlon a murderer. Later, as Marlon learns the truth about the texts he feels guilty and tells April that real friends are loyal and trustworthy.

(Picture: ITV) April suffers bullying after Marlon’s prison time

Things don’t improve and Marlon is left angry and raging when he learns that Ryan and Charity not only stole Kim’s money but sat on evidence that could have got him released sooner. Understandably already angry by this point things escalate when it emerges that Kim might be behind Graham’s murder and hired someone to do it.

With a lot to process Marlon’s mistrust of the Dingles has reached breaking point and after Mandy’s recent actions he demands that she moves out, before snapping and declaring he is done with the Dingles.

(Picture: ITV) Marlon is pushed to breaking point

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 2nd March on ITV.

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