Emmerdale, EastEnders, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks spoilers: Week commencing 9th March

Coronation Street

It’s goodbye Ali this week after a near death experience which leads Maria, Ryan and others believing him to be back on the drugs. Later after trying to convince Maria just how dangerous Gary is Ali is provoked by Gary into attacking him. Ali tells Ryan just how rubbish his life is and sets off for a new life away from Weatherfield.

(Picture: ITV)

Geoff makes out to Yasmeen that Alya is out to get him, the girl is an idiot and as a result, he’s going to see a business advisor to find out where they stand. Meanwhile Alya finds numerous cash withdrawals from the Speed Daal accounts. Geoff lies to Yasmeen that he has seen a business advisor and suggests they should sell up and move abroad. Geoff tells Yasmeen that she deserves a better life abroad but When Yasmeen voices her reservations, Geoff twists her words and suggests she’s having doubts about their marriage leaving Yasmeen upset.

(Picture: ITV)


When Tracy throws Vanessa surprise birthday party the last thing she expects to learn is her sister has cancer. But that is exactly what Charity blurts out when Tracy refuses to abandon it and when Vanessa learns Tracy knows it leads to tensions reaching boiling point between Charity and Tracy.

(Picture: ITV)

When Jai and Laurel find Archie trapped under a toppled cabinet Archie blames Arthur and finally Laurel reveals all to Jai about Arthur’s abuse which totally floors him.

(Picture: ITV)


With Jordan back on the scene Juliet is interested in his plan to sell drugs in different schools. Later, with the tie of another school Juliet tries to blend in but is spotted by PC George Kiss. Bragging to Sid that she has sold her whole stash only manages to attract George’s attention and Juliet finds herself under arrest for intent to supply.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Liberty pines for Brody who makes the effort to make her happy by asking that she teaches him to dance. This only makes her fall for him some more.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)


Following his suspension Chantelle finds herself on the end of Gray’s anger again when his office return his belongings and he later learns that his firm have dropped Whitney’s case.

He issues a warning to Chantelle not to tell her parents but she encourages him to go ahead and represent Whitney independently.

(Picture: BBC)

Jay puts his plans in place to propose to Lola and urges Lexi to keep the secret when she sees him with the engagement ring.

Will Jay get the answer he is hoping for?

(Picture: BBC)

These scenes air from Monday 9th March on BBC One, ITV and C4.

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