Belgravia spoilers: Episode One

What Is Happening?

Belgravia is a story of secrets and scandals amongst the upper echelons of London society in the 19th Century. When the Trenchards accept an invitation to the now legendary ball hosted by the Duchess of Richmond on the fateful eve of the Battle of Waterloo, it sets in motion a series of events that will have consequences for decades to come as secrets unravel behind the porticoed doors of London’s grandest neighbourhood.


The Trenchard family have recently ascended to the aristocratic society of London’s Belgravia, but a decades old love affair comes back to haunt them and jeopardise the happiness of many.

Who Does It Star?

  • Anne Trenchard – Tamsin Greig
  • Captain Cooper – James Taylor Thomas
  • Chamberlain – Jonathan Kemp
  • Doctor Smiley – Gary Lilburn
  • Duchess Of Bedford – Naomi Frederick
  • Duchess Of Richmond – Diana Kent
  • Duke of Richmond – Robert Portal
  • Duke of Wellington – Nicholas Rowe
  • Ellis – Saskia Reeves
  • First Officer – Matthew Canny
  • Footman to Duchess Of Bedford – Craig Hamilton
  • James Trenchard – Philip Glenister
  • Jane Croft – Rebecca Callard
  • Lady Brockenhurst – Harriet Walter
  • Lord Bellasis – Jeremy Neumark Jones
  • Morris – Jack Shalloo
  • Mrs Babbage – Penny Layden
  • Myles – Richard Huw
  • Oliver Trenchard – Richard Goulding
  • Parson/Officer – Mark Healy
  • Prince of Orange – Gunnar Deyoung
  • Quirk – Graham Kent
  • Sir William Ponsonby – James Chalmers
  • Sophia Trenchard – Emily Reid
  • Speer – Bronagh Gallagher
  • Susan Trenchard – Alice Eve
  • Turton – Paul Ritter
  • Young Oliver Trenchard – Tom Megaughin

When Does It Star?

Belgravia begins Sunday, March 15th, 2020 on ITV from 9:00pm



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