River City spoilers: Monday 9th March 2020

This week in Shieldinch…with innocent people in danger, Lenny tries to save Rory from himself; Bob struggles to put his attack behind him; and Stevie questions whether Poppy really wants a future with him.

With tensions building, Alex urges Lenny to force Rory out of town. Meanwhile, Rory is stunned to find Lenny is slowly stripping him of power and instructs an increasingly tense Lou to help him regain control.

Lenny makes Rory’s lawyer Jill an offer she can’t refuse – to betray Rory and save her own skin.

Just when Lenny thinks he’s got Rory where he wants him, he discovers a frightened Callum hiding and quickly realises the danger his son is to those around about him.

As things come to a head, Lenny and Alex turn the heat up to get Rory out of town but he’s not about to go without a fight. With family affairs dangerously fraught, Rory takes an innocent Eve hostage forcing the Murdoch men into a stand-off with Lenny making the ultimate sacrifice.

Elsewhere, desperate to put his attack behind him, Bob struggles to hold it together and reluctantly admits to Eve he’s suffering from anxiety. Bob throws himself back into work but is derailed is played by a visit from Rory, making him relive the trauma of the stabbing.

Stevie’s shocked at Poppy’s cynical views on marriage and tries to make sense about what this means for their future together. He decides to make a grand gesture and a shock proposal but, in true Stevie style, things don’t quite go to plan.


  • Lenny is played by Frank Gallagher
  • Rory is played by David Paisley
  • Bob is played by Stephen Purdon
  • Stevie is played by Iain Robertson
  • Poppy is played by Lindsey Campbell
  • Alex is played by Jordan Young
  • Lou is played by Lesley Hart
  • Jill is played by Adura Onashile
  • Callum is played by Ty McPhee
  • Eve is played by Victoria Liddelle

This episode airs on BBC Scotland – Monday 9th March 2020 at 10pm.

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