Emmerdale spoilers: Will Tracy keep Vanessa’s secret? and 5 other spoilers

Vanessa tries to keep things as normal as possible after the revelation to Tracy that she has cancer even going so far as to work the last day before her treatment begins.

Next week Tracy is left taken aback when Vanessa explains that she has prepared a last will and testament. Will Tracy keep this secret as Vanessa undergoes her operation?

(Picture: ITV)

Also coming up this week

Can Vinny convince the Dingles he hasn’t pawned Sam’s ring when they order him out of the house?

(Picture: ITV)

Moira is given some happy news, for once, when Victoria, who is preparing to have Harry christened, asks her to be his godfather.

(Picture: ITV)

Arthur returns to bullying Archie after Laurel forces him to apologise to Nicola for the trouble he has caused.

(Picture: ITV)

A frustrated Leyla turns up to Liam’s work in nothing but a faux-fur coat with underwear. Will her ploy to seduce him work?

(Picture: ITV)

Belle tries to move on and put the memory of Jamie behind her which surprises Ellie when she kisses him. Belle suggests they ‘go back to her place’ and leads him upstairs.

(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 16th March on ITV.

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