Emmerdale spoilers: Despair, returns and christenings

It’s all going on next week in Emmerdale but some village people are having a happier time than others.

Aaron is back and he picks up on the tension between Paddy and Chas following last weeks events. Chas who is still distraught and angry does what the villagers do best and drops her news in the middle of the pub, berating Paddy for leaving Eve alone. A self-loathing Paddy leaves but when Chas finds a note from him she is devastated and tries to reach him. Later, at the Woolpack Chas is forced to cover for Paddy when Social Services turn up.

Chas is far from happy with Paddy this week. (Picture: ITV)

Rhona is emotional when she receives a phone call and learns Pierce has been locked up with a life sentence.

Locked up and they won’t let him out. Rhona gets news on Pierce (Picture: ITV)

It’s clearly awkward being in each others company for Belle and Jamie and on a call out from the vets, Belle lets rip and Jamie about getting back with Andrea and tells him they can no longer be friends. The sexual tension peaks and as Andrea waits for Jamie in her lingerie the reality of what has happened hits when Jamie sees a bunch of missed calls.

Lovers Lane! (Picture: ITV)

It might be a Christening for the babies of Emmerdale but that doesn’t mean any less dramatic. It all becomes too much for Wendy to handy, and she breaks down. Bob and Wendy’s son Luke try to console her but the grief over her son Lee is too much. Wendy is given a surprise by the last person she expects when Victoria gives her a heartfelt hug.

Oh baby, baby. (Picture: ITV)

Victoria and Luke try (emphasis on the try) and make a go of things but it was never going to be plain sailing for the pair. Following the events of the christening both Luke and Victoria return to Keepers Cottage. The couple grow closer and Victoria even suggests an early night for them but the morning after Luke is on cloud 9 but Victoria is clearly awkward and something isn’t right. Is this more then Victoria can handle and where exactly does it leave them?

On or Off for Victoria and Luke? (Picture: ITV)

Also this week we welcome back Zaz who is pleased to be with his family after his time away, Cain has had enough of working for Malone and David is joyed when the courts grant him parental responsibility of Theo.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV with an extra episode on Thursday at 8:00pm. These scenes air from Monday 23rd March 2020.

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