Penance spoilers: Episode Three

Tonight things come to a head as Rosalie tries to secure some time away from Jed as his advances intensify to alarming new levels, and Maddie begins to see the darker, frightening side he has been concealing.

As she traces Jed’s past, Rosalie unearths a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries. She will have to push hard to unravel the web of Jed’s lies, but nothing can prepare her for the truth she is about to uncover…


  • Written by Kate O’Riordan.
  • Produced by Alex Jones.
  • Directed by Maurice Sweeney.


  • Art Malik as Father Tom
  • Brigit Forsyth as Fay
  • Diona Doherty as PC Margaret Goodson
  • Julie Graham as Rosalie
  • Neil Morrissey as Luke
  • Nico Mirallegro as Jed
  • Tallulah Greive as Maddie
  • Trevor Kanewswaren as DS Simon Wren
  • Cathy Belton as Mrs Halloran
  • Lucy Cray-Miller as Bereaved woman
  • Sharon Coade as Valerie
  • Shereen Walker as Ayesha

Penance continues on Channel 5 at 9:00pm. Click for the previous episode

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