Quiz spoilers: Episode One


Major Charles Ingram doesn’t even like quizzes… but for his wife Diana, and brother-in-law Adrian, knowing the answer is a way of life. When television producer Paul Smith puts everything on the line to make ITV quiz show and overnight sensation ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ a much-loved pub-quiz hobby turns into outright obsession.

As Diana and Adrian’s repeated attempts to get into in the hotseat fall short, all eyes turn to an unsuspecting Charles to win the million-pound prize. Meanwhile, the repeated re- appearance of middle-class, professional quizzers has not gone unnoticed by the ITV team and Paul makes a vow to stop them by any means necessary.


  • Andrew Leung as Kevin Duff
  • Beau Gadsdon as Polly Portia Ingram
  • Billie Gadsdon as Darcey Ingram
  • Dolly Gadsdon as Pippa Ingram
  • Geoff McGivern as Lt Colonel Village
  • Gracy Goldman as ITV receptionist
  • Jasmyn Banks as Nicola Howson
  • Jeremy Killick as Paddy Spooner
  • John McAndrew as Brummie contestant
  • Keir Charles as Steve Knight
  • Mark Byrne as Stu Bloomberg
  • Matt Blair as Mike Whitehall
  • Nicholas Woodeson as Nicholas Hilliard QC
  • Paul Bazely as Lionel from Legal
  • Sarah Woodward as Maggie
  • Seraphina Beh as Ruth Settle
  • Tony Turner as Arthur Pollock
  • William Chubb as Quizmaster

Quiz begins on ITV from 9pm – Monday 13th April 2020.

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