Tuesday 7th April 2020

Noreen is suspicious of Dee suddenly wanting to move to Australia. Hoping to put a stop to Dee’s crazy notion, she organizes a family dinner. John Joe, worried by what may be revealed, tries to stop Noreen from questioning Dee. Has John Joe said too much and will Noreen discover the truth? Frances is annoyed with Malachaí, for trying to push his friend ‘Cyril’ on her for the Ionad Pobail job. Malachaí , not liking being told off, curtly tells her he was only trying to help. Will Frances accept his apology?

(Picture: TG4)

Thursday 9th April 2020

Katy, having spent the night with Fiach, suddenly flees when seeing an old toy that Dee used to gaslight her with. Fiach having no idea what is wrong with Katy, questions if her problem is with him. Will Katy tell Fiach the truth? Vince, believing that Caitríona had lost her phone, discovers she actually had sold it to Nathan. When Vince questions Caitríona she covers with a lie. Will Vince believe her? Berni has a day off and Bobbi Lee is determined she make the most of it. Berni feeling ‘surplus to requirements’ is delighted to get a panicked call from the cafe. What could be wrong?

(Picture: TG4)

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