The Good Karma Hospital spoilers: Series 3 Episode Four


The Good Karma Hospital series three finds our tropical Indian hospital busy as ever, with several big new arrivals causing a stir. The team faces their most shocking case yet when one of their own nursing team – young, idealistic Jyoti Gill – survives a violent attack. Lydia and Nurse Mari are particularly affected and struggle to provide the care she needs. Mari has to set aside her prejudices to support her friend, while Lydia must revisit some emotional places in her own past to show Jyoti the way forward.


AJ returns to the hospital keen to impress. Aisha and Lydia come to blows managing Jyoti’s case.

Greg discovers a shocking secret that Tommy has been hiding. Ruby helps Ted track down a possible lead, while her relationship with Gabriel hits obstacles.

Greg discovers a secret tonight (Picture: ITV)


  • A.M.D.B. Gangodatenna as Pranji
  • Amanda Redman as Dr Lydia Fonseca
  • Amrita Acharia as Dr Ruby Walker
  • Asif Basra as Dr Kumar
  • Darshan Jariwalla as Dr Ram Nair
  • Deepti Naval as Dina
  • Divyeshu Sinha as Sachin
  • James Krishna Floyd as Dr Gabriel Varma
  • Kanupriya Gupta as Jaya
  • Kenneth Cranham as Edmund
  • Neil Morrissey as Greg McConnell
  • Nimmi Harasgama as Mari Rodriguez
  • Priyanka Bose as Dr Aisha Ray
  • Rebecca Johnson as Lesley
  • Sagar Radia as AJ Nair
  • Sayani Gupta as Jyoti
  • Scarlett Alice Johnson as Tommy
  • Simon Trinder as Father Gibson

The Good Karma Hospital continues at 8:05pm on ITV.

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