YASMEEN IS STILL ON THE CASE Yasmeen picks up her suitcase and strides out of the house. In the builder’s flat, Yasmeen tells Alya that she’s coming to the wedding and she was right all along. But Yasmeen’s horrified to see messages on her phone from Geoff, suggesting he might take his own life. Yasmeen insists she must check on Geoff and Alya offers to go with her. In No.6, Yasmeen’s horrified to find a smashed photo frame on the table together with drops of blood and no sign of Geoff. What has happened to Geoff? When Yasmeen asserts that she now can’t go to the wedding, Alya’s furious. Yasmeen calls the police and asks them how she should go about accessing information under Clare’s law.

BERNIE LEAVES CHESNEY WITH CONCERNS Chesney returns home and is bemused to find Bernie moving out. Bernie implores Chesney to keep an eye on Gemma. Chesney does his best to get Gemma to open up but she insists everything is fine.

EMMA JUMPS TO CONCLUSIONS Emma watches, heartbroken, as Seb helps Alina carry some coffees to the factory. In the factory, Michael waits to be called for his telesales interview and babbles away nervously to Alina, telling her all about his little girl. Alina warms to him.

ELSEWHERE David heads out for a walk. When Gail quizzes him, he refuses to tell her where he’s going.


  • Alexandra Mardell as Emma Brooker
  • Antony Cotton as Sean Tully
  • Ben Price as Nick Tilsey
  • Brooke Malonie as Lily Platt
  • Dolly-Rose Campbell as Gemma Winter
  • Harry Visinoni as Seb Franklin
  • Helen Worth as Gail Rodwell
  • Ian Bartholomew as Geoff Metcalfe
  • Jack P. Shepherd as David Platt
  • Jane Hazlegrove as Bernie Winter
  • Kate Ford as Tracy McDonald
  • Melanie Hill as Cathy Matthews
  • Peter Gunn as Brian Packham
  • Ruxandra Porojnicu as Alina Pop
  • Ryan Prescott as Ryan Connor
  • Ryan Russell as Michael Bailey
  • Sair Khan as Alya Nazir
  • Sam Aston as Chesney Brown
  • Sam Aston as Chesney Brown
  • Shelley King as Yasmeen Nazir

Coronation Street airs at 7:30 on ITV.