Emmerdale spoilers: Sam and Lydia’s wedding, passion for Jamie and Belle and Dan struggles

It’s happiness for Sam and Lydia but for Charity and Vanessa reality sets in.

Belle is given a shock when Jamie declares he loves her and it leads to a passionate kiss.

(Picture: ITV)

Happy wedding day as Sam and Lydia tie the knot but not without drama first. While Sam is getting excited there is no sign of Lydia who eventually returns and hurries to get ready. Bob meanwhile fiddles with a Yorkshire themed gravy fountain – this has trouble written all over it.

A cheer of delight from all as the happy couple make it official and take their first dance.

(Picture: ITV)

Missing the wedding are Charity and Vanessa who arrive at the chemo unit which leaves them both scared and vulnerable at what is ahead.

(Picture: ITV)

Dan is determined to maintain his independence but he struggles to make a meal and soon is left crying in pain after having an accident.

(Picture: ITV)

Lydia’s hen do is not without Dingle hilarity following a mix up which as the stag do is mistakenly visited by a hunky masseur. Later as the hens are left stranded by the taxi driver Mandy manages to lose Lydia and then falls into the undergrowth.

Mandy tries to flag down passing traffic and in the process we meet Paul (Reece Dinsdale) who wants to know where his son Vinny is.

(Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale is on ITV – Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7pm.

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