River City spoilers: Monday 13th April 2020

This week in Shieldinch… under pressure from DCI Grant, Lou is forced to go to extreme lengths to get incriminating evidence on Lenny; Kim turns to Poppy for advice on affairs of the heart ahead of a date; and Scarlett is put to the test during a community Easter Egg hunt.

Lou’s under pressure from DCI Grant to get insider info on Lenny’s latest drugs deal. Knowing Lou is outside Lenny’s circle of trust, DCI Grant suggests Eve might be their way in to find out more information. Unwilling to involve her mother, Lou urges caution, but DCI Grant gives her a stark ultimatum: do this or go to prison for murder.

As the pressure overwhelms Lou, her tough exterior cracks and she confesses all about her undercover operation to a shocked Eve. As Lou suffers a severe panic attack, Eve steps in to save the day, reluctantly agreeing to wear a wire during her next therapy session with Lenny – despite the dangers.

Elsewhere, Kim is flattered when Cameron asks her out on a date. Initially reluctant, Kim is talked around by Poppy, who encourages her to follow her heart and put any guilty feelings about Bob to the side.

Scarlett enlists the help of Dylan to make the community Easter Egg Hunt a memorable event for all. Preoccupied with the big day, Scarlett fails to pick up on Madonna’s need for motherly support and advice. Worse still, when an unfortunate accident happens at the hunt, Scarlett’s plans to spend some quality time with Madonna are abruptly shelved.

(Picture: BBC)


  • Cameron is played by Michael Wallace
  • DCI Grant is played by Therese Bradley
  • Eve is played by Victoria Liddelle
  • Kim is played by Frances Thorburn
  • Lenny is played by Frank Gallagher
  • Lou is played by Lesley Hart
  • Madonna is played by Sienna Glackin
  • Poppy is played by Lindsey Campbell
  • Scarlett is played by Sally Howitt

River City airs Monday 13th April 2020 on BBC Scotland at 10pm

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