Hollyoaks spoilers: An exciting new trailer teases spring time in Hollyoaks

It’s all happening in Hollyoaks this spring from declarations of love to surprise daughters showing up. Even Hollyoaks Favourites is full of non-stop drama from Max’s death to Hollyoak’ train crash.

Just who will John Paul choose when James admits he loves him but he is having fun and flirting with the new Pc George Kiss?

Will Jp choose James? (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Charlie looks set to turn drug dealer when recruited by Jordan. But with Kyle increasingly reliant on drugs will he be discovered?

Jordan’s newest recruit? (Picture: Lime Pictures)

When Sid is caught red handed shifting drugs around Hollyoaks High will he be able to hold onto his place in the school and with it his dealing ground?

Darren finds the courage and opens up to Mandy about his depression but Nancy shuts out Kyle after he continues hiding his drug use. Will anyone be able to help the pair before it is too late?

Happiness for Scott and Mitchell?

After a very rocky start things are looking up and as Mitchell gets down on one knee an elated Scott says yes. But trouble is always just around the corner as Mitchell is arrested for malicious wounding.

Another wedding ahead? (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks will be welcoming newcomer Bethannie Hare as Cher when she crashes crashes the vow renewal of Merceds and Sylver and announces that she is his estranged daughter.

If Cher could turn back time (Picture: Lime Pictures)

If this drama isn’t enough for you then Hollyoaks Favourites will continue to delight on E4 by airing such episodes as Hollyoaks end of the line and Max’s death from 2008.

Make him wake up OB (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks airs Monday and Tuesday at 7pm on E4 and Hollyoaks Favourites Wednesday – Friday.

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