Coronation Street Spoilers: Monday 20th – Friday 24th April 2020


ASHA DOESN’T KNOW WHERE TO TURN Asha’s horrified when Dev forces her to attend Mary’s youth volunteering group tidying up Victoria Gardens. Aadi clocks one of the lads sniggering at Asha. As Amy, Summer and Kelly try to comfort Asha in Victoria Gardens, Aadi starts a fight with the lad for mocking his sister. Mary’s helpless as the boys brawl. Asha’s sickened when she is sent a link to her naked video on a porn site.

KEN’S VICTORIOUS Ken acquires proof that Charles deposited all payments from the Stillwaters residents into his personal bank account and at the Stillwaters election, Ken gleefully exposes Charles to the residents. The election result is announced.

JOHNNY PLAYS HIDE AND SEEK Carla agrees that she and Peter will move in to run the pub and take care of Scott so that Jenny can accompany Johnny to France. In spite of his best efforts, Johnny comes face to face with Scott, who greets him as an old friend.

ELSEWHERE When Sally falls in love with an expensive wedding dress, Tim automatically vows to buy it for her, then wonders how he will afford it.


ASHA FINALLY REALISES WHO SHE CAN TRUST In the cafe, Corey apologises to Asha for recording her without consent. In Victoria Gardens, Amy and Kelly get into a vicious row over who was responsible for Asha’s nightmare. The girls start scrapping until Gary intervenes. Meanwhile, in the cafe, David’s appalled to see the video of Asha on Max’s phone. David informs Dev who then rails at Asha. Later, a heartbroken Dev holds his sobbing daughter.

IT’S THE END OF EVENTIDES FOR KEN Ken explains to Claudia that Stillwaters will never be his home. As Claudia wants to stay put, what will Ken decide to do?

JOHNNY GETS AWAY SCOTT FREE Johnny and Jenny leave for the airport. Johnny’s uneasy when Scott assures him there are no hard feelings about the past.

ELSEWHERE Sally and Tim ask Kevin and Abi to be witnesses at their wedding. Kevin offers to be best man and Tim awkwardly agrees before confiding in Sally that he’s already asked Geoff.


DEV STRUGGLES TO KNOW HOW TO HELP ASHA Asha implores Dev not to go to the police about the video, Dev reluctantly agrees. But when Aadi reveals Asha’s video has made its way onto the internet, Dev goes to the police station to report the two school kids, Asha’s furious to discover Dev went back on his word.

GEOFF FEARS YASMEEN IS GETTING TOO INDEPENDENT At No.6, Geoff reads Yasmeen’s pamphlet on domestic abuse with a list of signs of controlling behaviour, realising he needs to take a different approach. Cathy comes round for a natter but Geoff manipulates the situation so that Yasmeen ends up offending Cathy who storms out in a fury. Geoff warns Yasmeen she’s lost Cathy as a friend.

GARY GETS THE TRUTH FROM KELLY Gary finds Kelly in tears outside No.7. Gary’s startled to learn she was thrown out of Oakhill when her dad’s money stopped coming and her mum owed thousands in fees.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 on ITV.

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