Coronation Street Spoilers: Monday 27th April – Friday 1st May 2020


YASMEEN RECEIVES A SHOCKING DIAGNOSIS Still under the weather, Yasmeen heads to the medical centre and Dr. Gaddas informs Yasmeen that she’s tested positive for chlamydia. Geoff immediately accuses her of infidelity and is outraged when she brings him up sleeping with escorts. Changing tack, Geoff declares she caught the STI from Sharif. Hurt and confused, what will Yasmeen believe?

DEV MAKES MATTERS WORSE Dev phones the school to report the incident meanwhile Asha finds herself being railed at in the kebab shop over Dev reporting her to the police and the school. Asha begs Dev to withdraw his complaints as he’s making things worse for her. As more nasty messages come through, Asha hurls her phone to the floor and stamps on it.

GARY TAKES A GAMBLE Kelly’s mum Claire visits Gary at the furniture shop. Gary pretends to have been in touch with Rick and knows he’s still paying Kelly’s Oakhill School fees. Gary warns Claire that if Rick finds out she’s been pocketing his cash, he’s likely to kill her. Realising he’s right, Claire makes a sharp exit. Spotting her scurry away, Maria asks Gary who she was. Is the game up for Gary?

ELSEWHERE The boiler plays up at No.1. Determined to demonstrate it’s her house now, Tracy resolves to get an engineer to restore the hot water but she’s taken aback by the cost of a new boiler


GEOFF DEALS YASMEEN A DEADLY THREAT Geoff rants and raves before leaving for the corner shop. While he is out, he checks his secret security camera feed on his phone and is intrigued to see Yasmeen stuffing clothes in a holdall and locking it in a cupboard by the stairs. Geoff returns home and innocently asks for the key to the cupboard. Panicking, Yasmeen pretends to search high and low. Geoff plays along with the charade before grabbing it out of her pocket and forcing her to unlock the cupboard. Furious, what will Geoff do next?

GARY HAS A PROBLEM ON HIS DOORSTEP Summer takes pity on Kelly. When Summer explains to Billy that Kelly’s mum has abandoned her, he agrees to let her stay at their flat.

DEV LISTENS TO ASHA Dev agrees to phone the school and try to withdraw his complaint.

ELSEWHERE Daniel returns from the grief retreat and Ken’s pleased to hear he found it a great help.


YASMEEN FINALLY FINDS HER BOTTLE A fragile Yasmeen descends the stairs. Nasty Geoff reveals that he’s confiscated her phone as he heads out, locking her in the house. Geoff returns home. In the garden, Sally calls over the fence and invites Yasmeen and Geoff to join them as guests at the reopening of the bistro. Later, as they are ready to leave, Geoff looks at Yasmeen’s dress with contempt before handing her an overtly sexy dress and ordering her to put it on. A self conscious Yasmeen allows Geoff to steer her to the Rovers where Sally and Tim raise a toast to them. She is shocked to discover Geoff has agreed to pay for their wedding. Back at No.6, Geoff viciously reveals that he bought the sexy dress for one of his many escorts. Yasmeen snatches a wine bottle and a struggle ensues. Geoff slumps to the ground, what has Yasmeen done?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 on ITV.

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