Hollyoaks looks back on domestic abuse story between Maxine and Patrick

Hollyoaks has always had a history of portraying tough issues, whatever they may be, such as Maxine and Patrick’s abuse storyline.

As part of E4’s Hollyoaks Favourites viewers have been giving a chance to revisit this powerful story and watch Patrick Blake (Jeremy Sheffield) and Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson).

Hollyoaks are supporting the Government campaign #YouAreNotAlone and have spoken to both Nikki and Jeremy about their story.

Jeremy as Patrick and Nikki as Maxine (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Did you do any research around domestic abuse?


“Yes we did a lot of research, not just myself, but the Hollyoaks team. I was honoured to be able to speak to women who had been sufferers of domestic abuse. We also went to conventions, and we met up with the government for the ‘This is Abuse’ campaign. There were many different areas of the police force that we met up with, to talk to them about it.”


“Both Nikki and I did extensive research for our roles. We spent time with women’s refuge charities and victims of domestic abuse, which was shocking and harrowing but also inspiring at times.”

It wasn’t a happy wedding day (Picture: Lime Pictures)

How were those scenes to film, was it difficult to switch off?

Nikki: “Yes it was. Some days it was very difficult to switch off, because we had 12 hour days of constant crying, and abuse, but I wouldn’t change a thing. It was a fantastic storyline, and I was absolutely honoured that they gave me the opportunity to play it.”

How was your Hollyoaks experience as a whole?

Jeremy: “I had the most amazing time on Hollyoaks because I was able to raise awareness by playing such a dark character, and my three years living in Liverpool were fantastic. Playing such a damaged and complex character, on such a crazy shooting schedule over three years, was utterly exhausting but hugely rewarding.”

For those who don’t know, what happened to Maxine and Patrick after the wedding?

Nikki: “A lot still went on, because obviously Maxine was carrying Minnie, who is Patrick’s child, so they were still connected. As much as the relationship might have been over, unfortunately the control of Maxine didn’t end there. With domestic abuse, it doesn’t just end overnight, and it didn’t with Maxine and Patrick.”

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Hollyoaks Favourites airs Wednesday – Friday on E4 and new Hollyoaks episodes air on Monday and Tuesday.

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