Pobol y Cwm spoilers: 12th – 14th May 2020


Wrth i Tyler dderbyn ei ddedfryd, daw i’r sylweddoliad fod goblygiadau’r gosb ar ei fywyd am fod yn enfawr. Mewn hiraeth am ei fam, mae Gwern yn troi at Cassie am gymorth i ysgrifennu llythyr i Gwyneth yn y carchar.

Gyda’r posibilrwydd o ymddeol yn y fantol, cyniga Dai werthu APD er mwyn gallu fforddio ymddeol. Ar ddiwrnod ei phen-blwydd, aiff Eileen a Sioned i wasgaru llwch Jim.

(Picture: S4C)


As Tyler receives his sentence, he realises that the verdict will have dire consequences on his way of life. Whilst he longs for his mother, Gwern turns to Cassie to help him write a letter to Gwyneth in prison.

With the prospect of retiring in the balance, Dai suggests selling APD to be able to afford retirement. On her birthday, Eileen and Sioned go to scatter Jim’s ashes.

(Picture: S4C)

Pobol y Cwm airs on S4C at 8:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday this week with a catch-up on BBC Iplayer and Clic.


  1. Love POBOL Y CWM my favourite soap all great actors -II live in Nottingham so glad got the subtitles back x


  2. Anther episode on 7th April with no subtitles -so disappointed – this is the only soap opera -that I watch and love – please bring subtitles back – I wear 2 hearing -aids and unfortunately do not speak welsh xxx


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