Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 15th – Friday 19th June 2020


CARLA’S PAST COMES BACK TO HAUNT HER Carla insists that she has no idea who Chelsey is but is shocked when Chelsey reminds her that she stayed in her squat when she was sleeping rough last year. She tells Carla she wants a grand off her or she will tell Peter what she got up to. How will Carla react?

SALLY GIVES GEOFF THE COLD SHOULDER Sally refuses to sit with Tim and Geoff in the pub.

DANIEL CURLS UP WITH HIS MEMORIES When Adam offers to spend his birthday with Daniel and Bertie, Daniel’s thrilled. When Adam cancels their boys’ night in, Daniel’s bitterly disappointed. As Daniel talks to Sinead’s framed photo, he realises how empty his life has become.

ADAM FEELS HE IS ON TO SOMETHING Adam quizzes Laura about Rick. Laura admits she’s no idea where he is but could do with tracking him down as he owes her maintenance for Kelly. Revealing that he’s a solicitor, Adam hands Laura his business card. Gary warns Laura that she needs to move away as Rick wouldn’t want his daughter living in such a dump. Laura points out that without Rick’s maintenance, it’s all she can afford.


CARLA IS REMINDED OF A GRIM TIME IN HER LIFE Carla finds Chelsey lurking in the back yard and offers to buy her breakfast in Roy’s. But later Chesley returns to the pub with a guy named Jordan who reminds Carls that he ran the squat and she had better pay up for the drugs she destroyed. Peter finds an upset Carla in the back room with Jordan and demands to know what is going on.

ADAM AND PETER CLEAN UP DANIEL’S ACT Adam decides it is time for Daniel to get out and about and insists he goes with him to a swanky lawyers’ drinks reception in town. Daniel reluctantly goes and feels out of his depth but is intrigued by a female guest called Nicky who tries to put him at ease.

DAVID DARES TO DREAM HE’S GETTING SHONA BACK When Roy reveals that Shona’s been assigned a support worker and should be discharged from the rehab centre very soon, David’s filled with optimism. Roy returns from a meeting with Shona’s key worker and confirms that Shona will be moving in tomorrow. David’s thrilled whilst Roy’s concerned that he’s getting his hopes up.

ELSEWHERE When Geoff lets slip that Sally wanted him out of the house because she’s chosen to take Yasmeen’s side, Faye’s incredulous and vows to have it out with her Dad.

An angry Faye confronts Tim and Sally on the street over their decision to throw Geoff out. Tim suggests they talk about it inside.


DING DONG THE AGGRESSORS ARE GONE Carla covers and says Jordan was inquiring about a room and Peter escorts him out. When he returns she comes clean and says he is trying to blackmail her with Chelsey. When Jordan and Chelsey return to the pub Carl is disgusted by the two of them and makes a decision to face up to them. Scott escorts Chelsey and Jordan out of the pub. As Peter returns later there is a news report on the radio about a serious assault of a man and a woman on a local estate, he turns the radio off so Carla doesn’t hear it.

DANIEL HAS A MEETING OF THE MIND Adam is pleased to see Daniel having a good time with an attractive woman. When Nicky suggests they make a night of it Dniel agrees and they head out.

DAVID PREPARES FOR SHONA’S RETURN David calls at the cafe flat and drops off some of Shona’s things in preparation for her arrival.

ELSEWHERE Alya tells Imran how she suspects Sally kicked Geoff out because underneath, she knows Yasmeen to be the innocent party and they need to get her on board. An angry Faye packs her rucksack and tells Tim and Sally that she’s moving in with Geoff to show her support. Tim’s furious with Sally whilst Geoff feigns sympathy. Evelyn meets up with Arthur for a drink. When he reminds her that it’s her round, Evelyn orders a tap water much to Arthur’s amusement.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 on ITV.

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