Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 22nd – Friday 26th June 2020


DANIEL SEEKS COMFORT WITH A STRANGER Daniel is feeling guilty about his night with Nicky and lies to Adam that they went their separate ways. Adam is concerned when he hears Daniel was buying strong lager in the corner shop. Daniel heads to a hotel where he meets Nicky.

SHONA MAKES A MOVE ON THE WRONG MAN Shona’s care worker Aaron brings her to Roys flat where she meets Nina. Aaron explains to Roy that Shona will need routine. David arrives with some magazines.

LEANNE LEARNS TO LET GO OF THE REINS Steve and Tracy call to see how Oliver is. Tracy persuades a reluctant Leanne that they should have a family day out at the petting zoo as it would do Oliver good.

CARLA MAKES A SHOCK DISCOVERY Carla sets about decorating the Rovers for V.E. Day and thanks Scott for coming to her rescue by chucking Jordan and Chelsey out of the pub. Scott reckons it’s Abi she should really be thanking. Carla calls at the garage with a bottle of wine for Abi and thanks her for fighting her corner. Abi reveals that she too has a past she’d rather forget and she’s glad she could help. As Carla heads out she spots the headline on the Gazette about the assault on the Brightwell Estate. She wonders if the victims were Jordan and Chelsey.

ELSEWHERE Seb plucks up the courage to tell Alina that he still has feelings for her but the moment is broken by the arrival of Emma.


DAVID AND SHONA START AGAIN David decides to ask Shona out for something to eat but she panics in the bistro and says she would rather go to the chippie. David is amused when she steals Ray’s wallet and explains that is how they met.

DANIEL FINDS A RELEASE Clearly on edge, Daniel tells Nicky that it was a mistake and he shouldn’t have called her. Daniel opens up to Nicky and tells her all about Sinead, how much he loved her, how much he misses her and how lonely his life has become.

THE MCDONALDS GO TO A FARM Leanne, Nick, Steve, Tracy, Simon, Emma and Amy take Oliver to the petting zoo. Leanne does her best to relax but she can’t take her eyes off her son. When Oliver spots some cows, he makes a mooing noise and starts laughing, Leanne’s utterly thrilled to see a flash of the old Oliver.

CARLA QUIZZES PETER Carla shows Peter the Gazette headline and accuses him of beating up Jordan and Chelsey. Peter’s offended and vehemently denies any involvement. Carla’s perplexed. In the Rovers, Ken raises a toast in commemoration of V.E Day. Having calmed down, Peter assures Carla that he was at an alcoholics’ meeting at the time of the assault so it had nothing to do with him. Who did attack them?

ELSEWHERE Seb and Alina admit they still have feelings for each other but Alina insists they can only be friends so as not to upset Emma.


STEVE PLANS A FAMILY HOLIDAY BUT WILL LEANNE AGREE? Leanne feels as though Oliver is showing real signs of improvement and is wanting to eat again but Leanne is shocked when Amy reveals Steve has booked a trip for them all to Cornwall. They head for their appointment with the consultant to see if Oloiver’s feeding tube can be removed but despite finally conceding that the trip sounds like a good idea Leanne is worried about what the consultant may have to say about Oliver.

DAVID’S STRUGGLING WITH THE NEW SHONA After meeting with Gemma who talks about what a great relationship Shona had with David, Shona decides to invite him to the flat, David is pleased but he is shocked when she leans in for a kiss and suggests they have sex.

TOYAH AND IMRAN HAVE BEEN FOSTERING A DREAM In the cafe, Nina set about making placards, explaining to Toyah that she and Evelyn off to lobby the local MP. Roy offers them his full support. Promising Imran that she won’t get arrested, Toyah joins Evelyn and Nina on their protest. After a successful protest, Toyah hurries home to Imran in time for their fostering meeting.

ELSEWHERE In a panic about her exams, Amy sits down to some revision. Seb and Alina agree to meet for a drink just as mates. Meanwhile an oblivious Emma gets her hand stuck in a glass vase whilst washing up. Fiz laments to Tyrone that all their conversations are about food and the kids, and they are getting bogged down in domesticity.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 on ITV.

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