Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 22nd June 2020


DANIEL SEEKS COMFORT WITH A STRANGER Daniel is feeling guilty about his night with Nicky and lies to Adam that they went their separate ways. Adam is concerned when he hears Daniel was buying strong lager in the corner shop. Daniel heads to a hotel where he meets Nicky.

SHONA MAKES A MOVE ON THE WRONG MAN Shona’s care worker Aaron brings her to Roys flat where she meets Nina. Aaron explains to Roy that Shona will need routine. David arrives with some magazines.

LEANNE LEARNS TO LET GO OF THE REINS Steve and Tracy call to see how Oliver is. Tracy persuades a reluctant Leanne that they should have a family day out at the petting zoo as it would do Oliver good.

CARLA MAKES A SHOCK DISCOVERY Carla sets about decorating the Rovers for V.E. Day and thanks Scott for coming to her rescue by chucking Jordan and Chelsey out of the pub. Scott reckons it’s Abi she should really be thanking. Carla calls at the garage with a bottle of wine for Abi and thanks her for fighting her corner. Abi reveals that she too has a past she’d rather forget and she’s glad she could help. As Carla heads out she spots the headline on the Gazette about the assault on the Brightwell Estate. She wonders if the victims were Jordan and Chelsey.

ELSEWHERE Seb plucks up the courage to tell Alina that he still has feelings for her but the moment is broken by the arrival of Emma.


  • Alexandra Mardell as Emma Broker
  • Alison King as Carla Connor
  • Antony Cotton as Sean Tully
  • Barbara Knox as Rita Tanner
  • David Neilson as Roy Cropper
  • Emmanuel Cheetham as Oliver Battersby
  • Harry Visinoni as Seb Franklin
  • Jack P Shepherd as David Platt
  • Jane Danson as Leanne Battersby
  • Jeremiah Cheetham as Oliver Battersby
  • Julia Goulding as Shona Platt
  • Kate Ford as Tracy McDonald
  • Kimberly Hart-Simpson as Nicky Wheatley
  • Liam Bairstow as Alex Warner
  • Maureen Lipman as Evelyn Plummer
  • Mollie Gallagher as Nina Lucas
  • Rob Mallard as Daniel Osbourne
  • Rufus Morgan-Smith as Bertie Osbourne
  • Ruxandra Porojnicu as Alina Pop
  • Sally Carman as Abi Franklin
  • Samuel Robertson as Adam Barlow
  • Scot Williams as Aaron Faraday
  • Simon Gregson as Steve McDonald
  • Tina O’Brien as Sarah Barlow
  • Tom Roberts as Scott Emberton

Coronation Street airs at 7:30pm on ITV.

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