Monday 27th July 2020

Gary goes to apologise to Brian and Cathy and is panicked when Brian tells him Bernie Winter found a watch in the woods. Gary quizzes Bernie about the watch.

Yasmeen wakes up in hospital. Alya explains that she’s had a heart attack but assures her she’s going to be fine and the trial has been postponed.

Ed explains to Abi that Aggie’s had to get the bus to work as their car won’t start. Abi tells Ed Aggie can use Kevin’s car until it’s fixed, since the neighbourhood is hugely grateful to her for putting herself on the front line at the hospital. Ed’s touched.

Wednesday 29th July 2020

Elaine calls Alya and confirms that she’s prepared to give evidence against Geoff and do everything she can to help Yasmeen. Alya’s overcome with gratitude.

Sarah goes over to speak to Gary demanding to know if he killed Rick. How will Gary react? Sarah opens the boot to find a shovel, latex gloves and a bag. Gary tells her he did it to save her and the kids and that he never stopped loving her. Sarah dials 999 and runs away into the path of a delivery van. Gary pushes her out of the way and is hit by the van.

Friday 31st July 2020

Adam and a panicky Maria Connor arrive at the hospital. Sarah describes how she was on her phone, stepped out in front of a van and Gary saved her life.

Alya and Elaine meet up secretly in Speed Daal. Alya implores her not to leave as she’s their only hope of securing Yasmeen’s freedom. Elaine’s torn.

Geoff assures Tim that everything the woman is saying is lies.

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