Monday 20th July 2020

Jimmy tells Nicola not to interfere with the running of the Cafe, but Nicola has other ideas.

Harriet is left uneasy when Cain promises swift vengeance on Malone for what he assumes he’s done to Moira.

Lydia opens up to Chas about the prospect of her Huntington’s diagnosis. Chas empathises with Lydia’s paranoia about the Huntington’s test, but tells her that taking it is the only way to know for sure. Lydia has a choice to make…

Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Jamie feels like he’s at his lowest ebb after Belle refuses to have a drink with him.

Harriet insists Malone had nothing to do with Moira’s hit and run, and she asks Cain to think before doing anything stupid.

Andrea lets slip to Kim that Jamie was the one who ran Moira over.

Tracy tells Charity she’s around if she ever needs to talk.

Friday 24th July 2020

When Charity hears that Al’s stuck in Aberdeen she suggests that she and Priya make a deal – Debbie will fix his car, if Priya rings Kirin’s sister.

Harriet is completely floored when Malone admits he can’t let her marry Will because he is still in love with her. Malone suggests they run away and start a new life together, which leaves Harriet reeling.

A sinister Malone slips into the garage and seeing Will’s car parked inside, he smiles as he goes to plant a dealer-sized bag of drugs in the glove compartment but Will catches him and a row breaks out. In the aftermath, a crumpled, lifeless body lies on the floor.

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