Monday 3rd August 2020

When Jenny sympathises with Abi over the twins’ imminent departure for Australia, Gemma insensitively declares it would kill her to be separated from the quads. Abi flees, upset.

Sarah visits Gary, he begs her not to tell the truth.

Having discharged himself from hospital, Gary throws some clothes in a holdall and leaves three letters on the side marked for Maria, Izzy and Nicola.

Elaine introduces herself to Sally in the cafe and explains that she’s Tim’s Mum, it broke her heart to abandon him but Geoff made her life a living hell and now she wants to do what she can to help Yasmeen. Sally urges her not to give up on Tim as one day he’ll understand.

As Elaine heads to Street Cars looking for Tim, she’s horrified when Geoff approaches.

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Maria confides in Peter and Carla how slow the furniture business is at the moment. When Carla lets slip that Gary’s binned his threat of a rent increase, Maria’s concerned.

Faye asks Geoff who he was arguing with in the ginnel, Goeff continues to insist she is a mad woman and he has no idea who she is, insisting to police his first wife is dead.

When Mandy [KIRSTY HITCHINSON], an old friend from antenatal class asks after Oliver, Leanne makes out he’s fine. But as Mandy heads off, Leanne is overwhelmed with grief.

Friday 7th August 2020

Maria confronts Gary and wonders if he’s still in love with Sarah.

Leanne confides in Toyah how when an old friend inquired after Oliver, she lied, making out that he’s fine and now she’s ashamed of herself. Toyah’s heart breaks for her sister.

With all eyes on him, Geoff swears that Elaine is peddling lies, she’s not Tim’s Mum and Alya must have put her up to it in a bid to drive a wedge between them. Sally begs Tim to open his eyes and see Geoff for the abusive bully that he is but Tim’s angry and warns her not to make him choose between her and his Dad.

Adam quizzes Sarah about her day but when she fails to mention Gary’s change of heart over the rent, he quietly seethes.

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