Gary’s car crash life begins to unravel next week in spectacular fashion as the loan shark comes a cropper with a car!

Scenes that air this Friday (24 July) will see Gary try to talk Brian Packham and Bernie Winter out of visiting Beacon Woods with a metal dector after news of roman coins are found. But when Brian sees Gary putting a shovel in his boot and heading out he feels he has been duped. He and Bernie then follow Gary to the woods.

It may not be Roman coins but when Rick Neelan’s engraved watch is found there Sarah demands answers on his disappearance and this is where the web of lies begin to unravel.

The truth will out! (Picture: ITV)

Sarah is left terrified by exactly what has transpired and flees in panic to call the police. As Gary chases Sarah down the street, a car hurtles towards her and Gary dives into the path of danger, pushing her to safety and ultimately saving her life.

Gary is in a right mess (Picture: ITV)

Originally planned to be filmed on location, in the woods, this was changed for safety of both cast and crew.

Tina O’Brien says: “We had such a good time filming these scenes and I have really enjoyed being part of something so different. The mannequin is from the Underworld set but when I stood next to it, it was towering over me! We had to saw the bottom of the legs off to make it more realistic and more my height but we have a very talented director and post production team so no one will notice when it’s in the show. I am really looking forward to seeing how it looks on screen.”

Has Gary’s act ultimately saved Sarah at the cost of his own life?

We all know how scary mannequins are… have they seen Doctor Who? (Picture: ITV)

Coronation Street air these scenes next week on ITV.