Monday 3rd August 2020

Luke suggests to Victoria that he cancel his date with Amy, but Victoria hides her true feelings and encourages him not to.

When Amelia tries to encourage Dan to go ahead with the expensive physio sessions, he lashes out and shouts at her.

Priya discovers Sarah and asks her why she has been snooping through her home. An unapologetic Sarah snatches Priya’s phone and rushes outside.

As Sarah hands everything back, Priya’s confused to see a bracelet she doesn’t recognise amongst the items. She wonders why Al was keeping the bracelet a secret from her, but when Al again insists that nothing of his was taken from him by Sarah, Priya starts to suspect that he has bought it for another woman.

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Nate and Tracy go to the hospital to get Tracy’s wrist treated. However, after a urine test, Tracy and Nate are stunned to learn that she’s pregnant. How will they take the news?

Gabby is dejected to discover that Bernice is selling the Salon

Friday 7th August 2020

Andrea starts to question whether Jamie’s as happy to be back with her as he’s letting on.

Mandy is worried about losing her job.

Sam lets the news get out about Lydia’s Huntington’s test

Nate and Tracy decide its time for some difficult conversations?

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