Coronation Street review: Gary gets the wind(ass) knocked out of him

Bernie was acting like a dealer on an episode from Cash in the Attic as she attempted to first flog then retrive the watch found in the woods but as much as Bernie is a bit of a joker this quickly became a joke that died quicker than one of Gary’s victims.

For all your dealing needs see Bernie Winter (Picture: ITV)

Poor Tim if hearing that his dad is a monster morning, noon and night aren’t bad enough here is this woman who turns up out the blue and claims to his mum. I can’t blame Tim for not listening.

Having refused to listen or take any notice he threw her out before accusing Alya of setting it up.

Just what will it take for Tim to start belieiving? (Picture: ITV)

Probably the best, and the most heartbreaking moment came between Aggie and Ed who saw their 30th wedding anniversary plans and a surprise party in ruins after a hospital colleague of Aggie’s tested positive for COVID. This means that she now has to isolate. If there was ever a brutally honest scene of the situation the NHS face then this was it.

A brilliant scene from Lorna Laidlaw as Aggie gives an honest view on the situation at the front line (Picture: ITV)

How is it only now people are starting to open their eyes to Gary? Unable to get back the watch from Bernie, Gary looked like he has seen a ghost when he came face to face with the new owner Sarah. Sarah managed to get more out of him in 2 minutes then anyone has in months. It seems that he wasn’t going down easy and after Sarah hit 999 on her phone Gary gave a socially distanced chase down Coronation Street, upon pushing that dummy out of the way it seems he has finally had the wind knocked out of him as he lays spread in the middle of the road.

Keep running and keep your distance (Picture: ITV)

Coronation Street continues Friday 31 July at 7:30 on ITV.

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