Monday 17th August 2020

Gabby is anguished as she opens up to Leyla about how lonely she feels as Bernice has refused to let her join her in Australia.

Malone intimidates Dawn telling her that her testimony against him has been taken as false. Dawn tries to act cool, but when Malone produces a wrap of heroin and syringe from his pocket, Dawn backs away in horror.

Nate’s angry when Al fires him for not attending the meeting

Mandy’s irritated to see Paul and Vinny continuing to hit it off, believing Paul’s trying to worm his way back into her good graces.

Wednesday 19th August 2020

Jamie reveals everything that’s happened between him and Belle to Kim over the phone. When Nate arrives, ready to plead for his job, they’re left wondering how much he overheard.

Nate grills Belle on what she was discussing with Jamie before he arrived at the HOP Office. Belle tries to keep hush hush, but is compelled to reveal that she knows who knocked Moira down. What will Nate do with this nugget of information?

Vinny tells his Dad Paul that they’ll be able to subtly convince Mandy to get back together with him.

Friday 21st August 2020

Dan’s panicking as he tries to keep his financial troubles a secret from Amelia.

Leyla offers Gabby an apprenticeship at Take a Vow, and Gabby, realizing Leyla’s serious, feels touched.

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