Coronation Street: Abi’s world comes crashing down

Spoilers/Review/Recap below for tonight (Wednesday 19th August).

Snoopy loopy Mary always has some tale to tell and tonight regaled us with tales of her Icelandic pen pal Hekla who apparently is an aluminium smelter and absolute hoot. Unfortunately, no letter from Hekla but amongst the Mail was a letter from the prodigal son, not Jason but Todd.

It turns out that Todd wants money a £1000 to be precise. I’m not really sure why Mary and Sean went to Billy he’s a vicar yes but he’s not exactly going to know where he is and after Todd walked out 3 years ago I’m not sure if Billy even cares tbh.

Someone who does care is Abi who despite everything she is determined to make an effort but just can’t seem to catch a break. She’s a soap character who for something to go right 101 things have to go wrong. That unfortunately came in the shape of a large car part which she got trapped under when Kevin went to help out another damsel in distress.

Tyrone was making full use of his day off and don’t we know it having baths in the middle of the day with vanilla bath bombs, not as Nina seems to think, to walk around the house naked.

Coronation Street continues Friday 21st August at 7:30 on ITV.

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