Neighbours spoilers: Monday 7 – Friday 11 September 2020

Chloe keeps putting off her unborn baby’s Huntington’s test. Emmett’s fate drives a wedge between Aaron and David. Hendrix confronts Nicolette over her apparent feelings for Chloe. Shane’s radio silence worries Dipi and Toadie. Toadie won’t let Shane wallow in his guilt.

Monday 7th September 2020

Anxious Chloe continues putting off having the Huntingdon’s Disease test for their baby, until Nicolette finally convince her to do it.

Nicolette takes out her frustration on Pierce playing a joke that may have gone too far. With Jenna’s sister now identified as a suitable carer for Emmett, David makes an impassioned plea to Emmett to stay.

Nicolette sets up Pierce to be publicly humiliated (Picture: Fremantle)

Tuesday 8th September 2020

Aaron and David grieve over Emmett in conflicting ways, forcing a divide between them. Hendrix tries to sus out what’s really going on with Nicolette’s love life and is thrown by what he discovers.

Karl and Susan try to persuade Toadieto cool things with his latest admirer – the infamous Angela Lane.

Karl and Susan are shocked when they see Angela Lane flirting with Toadie (Picture: Fremantle)

Wednesday 9th September 2020

As Hendrix gets closer to discovering Nicolette’s true feelings, she confesses the whole mess to Jane. Though Jane can’t solve her problem, the barriers between mother and daughter start to come down.

With Kyle’s help, Ned’s getting the new Erinsborough creative working hub up and running, but is anxious that his meagre wage won’t stretch to renting a gallery space for his art exhibition. However, a brazen offer could provide a way forward.

Thursday 10th September 2020

Toadie and Dipi are worried by Shane’s lack of contact. Ned wavers over whether to take the nude photo. When the exhibition costs escalate, Yashvi urges him to find a way to make the exhibition of his dreams happen. Levi forgets the fake relationship he and Bea concocted, leading Sheila and Yashvi to express their disapproval in him.

Friday 11th September 2020

Shane’s reluctant to come home with Toadie, feeling he’s a failure. On the drive, Toadie counsels Shane through his fears and pushes him to admit that he’s an addict. As the surprise party hits a stumbling block, Mackenzie decides on a more low-key affair that she hopes Dipi and Shane will still love. Little does she know what’s about to be revealed…

Toadie pleads with his brother to seek help (Picture: Fremantle)

Coming Soon!

Shane fights to save his marriage. Harlow is tempted to run in the election. Mackenzie is betrayed. Yashvi uses her dad as an informant. Nicolette and Jane have a breakthrough in their relationship. Jane and Des have a decision to make.

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm on Channel 5.

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