Emmerdale spoilers: Kirin returns but isn’t feeling Charitable

After a long time trying to track down Kirin, (Johnny’s dad), Charity’s plan to adopt the youngest take a major step forward next week when not only is Kirin back in the country, but also the village.

Charity wasn’t expecting Kirin to turn up in the village (Picture: ITV)

Priya is given a shock when he appears and remembering a warning from Charity that his turning up could complicate matters in the adoption she quickly sends him on his way – not before threats to get the police involved.

When Kirin appears again and asks to see Johnny, Priya is forced to reveal that Charity is adopting him which doesn’t go down too well and Kirin says he won’t allow it. On the run and with pound signs flashing like a massive neon light Kirin ups the stakes and promises Charity that adopting Johnny will be impossible unless she coughs up a lot of cash.

More money, more problems! (Picture: ITV)

More secrets come out when a troubled Charity hands over the money and Kirin learns of Vanessa’s cancer diagnosis. Kirin isn’t happy when he finds the money is less than he wanted and demands more the following day.

Kirin isn’t just a cause of concern for Charity but Paddy and Chas, when Paddy seems set on phoning the police. Pleading with Paddy not to do anything rash he eventually relents and lets Charity access the safe at the Woolpack and get off the remaining money that Kirin wants.

However, when Charity arrives still short of money things turn nasty and escalate…followed by Tracy…and the police.

Did Paddy really call the police? Did Chas find this was a price too high to pay to get rid of Kirin? or is Charity attempting a double-cross?

Has Charity’s plan backfired? (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale airs Monday – Friday at 7.00pm on ITV with an extra episode at 8.00pm on Thursdays.

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