Top of the Plots spoilers: EastEnders to Hollyoaks


Following Callum’s advice, Ben goes to Phil for advice about the situation with Danny and later fills Jay in on his plan to set up Danny.

As Ben and Callum are getting ready for Stuart’s stag do, Ben tells Callum about Danny and as they head to the stag do, Callum asks if the offer to move in together is still on the table.

However their happy moment is short-lived and later Thompson questions Callum about his relationship with a Mitchell.


An era that is one of my favourites, as Hollyoaks Friday Favourites revisits 2003 and one of the soaps top stories from that era.

If you know your Hollyoaks history you’ll know Toby Mills and his past time of blonde bashing with a spanner.

It’s Toby’s wife Ellie (Sarah Baxendale) that is scared after finding out that he attacked Steph Dean (Carley Stenson).

He plans a romantic meal and explains why he did it and that Steph isn’t the first woman he’s hurt.

Also in this trip down memory lane Debbie Dean (Jodi Albert) and Dan Hunter (Andrew McNair) are at breaking point. Debbie is annoyed that little sister, Steph (Carley Stenson) seems to be making a move on her man.


Emmerdale returns to 6 episodes this week and with it big drama as Kirin shows up in the village.

Demanding money or he’ll put a stop to her adoption plans Charity is forced to ask Paddy and Chas for cash. However, Paddy is less than happy and contemplates calling the police.

When Charity turns up with less money than he wants it stats to escalate with the police not far behind.

Can Charity get Kirin to consent to the adoption or are all the plans about to go up in smoke?

Coronation Street

It’s a heartbreaking week for Leanne and family as it is confirmed Oliver will never be able to breathe unaided and the time has come to talk about switching off his life support.

Refusing to acept this Leanne demands a second opinion.

Nick tells a thrilled Leanne about a hospital in Germany where they can treat people with Oliver’s condition. But their hope is short lived when the consultant breaks the news to Steve and Leanne that having obtained a second opinion, unfortunately it has only confirmed what they already knew.

EastEnders airs these scenes from Monday 14h September on BBC One.

Emmerdale airs Monday – Friday at 7.00pm on ITV with an extra episode at 8.00pm on Thursdays.

Coronation Street airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (hour-long) at 7:30 on ITV.

Hollyoaks airs Monday – Thursday, Ch4, 6:30pm/E4, 7pm with Hollyoaks Friday Favourites airing at 7pm on Friday, E4.

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