Coronation Street spoilers: 28 September – 2 October 2020

Abi, David, Shona, Leanne, Nick and Asha in Corrie


MICHAEL MAKES A GRAND GESTURE Michael tells Ed he intends to spend his sales bonus on something special for Grace and Tianna, instructing them all to be at No.3 at lunchtime. He shows Ed an engagement ring he’s bought for Grace and he gets out the champagne.   Grace is stunned when Michael drops to one knee and pops the question. 

GEOFF CALLS THE POLICE Geoff corners Adam and Daniel, telling them he is going to the police now certain his money went missing from their office after realising Alya couldn’t have taken it. Geoff is intrigued when he sees Nicky in the cafe giving Daniel some money back saying she didn’t need it all. Meanwhile Daniel is spooked when Adam says he is going to look at the office CCTV. 

ABI FIGHTS PETER’S CORNER Carla refuses to listen to Peter’s excuses and Peter’s dismayed by the rift between them. Abi calls into Underworld to speak up for Peter, warning Carla he’s heading for a relapse. 

THE PRESSURE IS ON FOR NICK When Sarah lets slip to David that Oliver’s illness isn’t the only cause of Nick’s recent stress, David presses her to reveal that Nick’s just found out he’s a father.

ELSEWHERE Sarah calls into Adam’s office with his mail; a brochure for a holiday they were considering buying. The sense of regret between them is palpable. 


GRACE HAS PLANS – DO THEY INCLUDE MICHAEL? Grace tells Michael she loves him but she has something to tell him. Michael’s dumbfounded when Grace announces that she and Tianna are moving to Spain. Is he part of her plan?  

DANIEL FEELS THE FULL FORCE OF THE LAW At the police station, Daniel soon cracks and admits he gave Geoff’s money to Nicky. The police call at No.6 to advise Geoff of Daniel’s confession and willingness to repay the money. Geoff insists he wants Daniel punished. Adam and Craig are furious with Daniel and Craig says he needs to sort out his life.

CARLA AND PETER FACE THE TRUTH Carla and Peter sadly agree that they have grown apart and no longer talk about their problems to each other. Can they fix their relationship? 

DAVID TACKLES NICK ABOUT HIS SON Nick insists he doesn’t need the added complication in his life but David urges Nick to consider what his son needs. 

ELSEWHERE Sarah calls at Adam’s office hoping to discuss a reconciliation how will he react? 


MICHAEL RESORTS TO DESPERATE MEASURES Desperate to find Grace, Michael asks Tim for her address and heads out on a mission. Ed is shocked when he opens the door to a frenzied Grace who tells him that Michael abducted Tianna from outside her house and that she has no option but to call the police. Ed finds Michael in Victoria gardens with Tianna and persuades him to come home. As they arrive at the house a police officer steps forward and arrests Michael on suspicion of child abduction.

CARLA IS THE GO BETWEEN Peter and Carla are struggling to communicate but Carla feels she needs to try and help Adam and Sarah sort out their problems. Talking to both of them separately she realises they still love each other and tells Sarah.

NINA HAS DESIGNS ON UNDERWORLD Carla and Sarah are shocked when they show a new client their designs only to discover that Nina has doctored them adding her own ideas.  

RAY DOES A GOOD DEED Nick calls at the bistro and asks Ray if he’d be interested in buying his half of the business in the factory. Ray refuses but instead makes a £10k donation to Oliver’s medical fund leaving Nick dumbfounded.


MICHAEL COMES UNDER FIRE Under police questioning, Michael admits that he was wrong to take Tianna as he did but he just couldn’t bear the thought of losing his little girl. Will the police be lenient? 

SARAH SURPRISE ADAM After speaking to Carla, Sarah decides to head over to the solicitors office and speak to Adam about getting back together. 

NINA GETS GER BREAK In the cafe, Nina apologises to Carla for putting her own stamp on the underwear designs. 

ELSEWHERE Steve reveals that he’s spoken to an estate agent and they’d be happy to organise a quick cash sale of both Street Cars and Preston’s Petals. Daniel calls at Speed Daal and through gritted teeth, asks Geoff for his bank details so he can transfer the money.


NICK MEETS HIS SON When Nick opens a letter from Sam he tells Natasha he’s changed his mind and would like to meet his son. At Nick’s flat Sam reveals his passion for astronomy. Meanwhile at the hospital the consultant breaks the news to Steve and Leanne that after discussions with the clinic in Germany they’ve reached the decision that Oliver’s condition is so severe they’re unable to offer him treatment. Leanne’s furious. As she tells Nick how the doctors have completely abandoned Oliver, Nick surreptitiously reads a text from his son.

BILLY GETS THE TRUTH FROM PAUL When Billy discovers that Paul’s lied to him about spending the day with Rita he confronts him. Paul reveals he was actually training for voluntary work at a helpline for teenagers.

GRACE PLEADS HER CASE WITH MICHAEL Grace tells Michael how sorry she is for all the hurt she’s caused. Insisting she loves him, Grace suggests they should move to Spain together and start afresh. Will Michael be swayed? 

ELSEWHERE Having heard the terrible news from Leanne, Toyah and Imran decide to postpone their meeting with the social services’ fostering panel. Gary is horrified to find Maria and Sarah together at Speed Daal, part of an impromptu girls’ night organised by Shona. Sarah assures him she’s not going to say anything.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 7:30 and 8:30 with Friday’s visit to Corrie being an hour-long.

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