Want to buy the Queen Vic or the Rovers Return? I hope you have deep pockets

Money.co.uk has new data which reveals the real-life property values of some soap hot spots. Showcasing properties from some of 2020’s more successful releases, we have used canon, location and house price data to calculate just how much the likes of your Animal Crossing house, Elsa’s ice castle, Villanelle’s ‘Killing Eve’ apartment would set you back.

Prior to the shows return earlier this month Money.co.uk calculated the cost of the popular boozer in EastEnders the Queen Vic was worth £2,083,387 or a monthly mortgage of £11,964.

If you think that was eye watering enough then Highclere Castle from Downton Abbey stands at a wopping £137,000,000.

As expected, it seems that making the move up north to Coronation Street would be a cost-effective move – buying the Rover’s Return Inn would only set you back £351,848!

Ian Beale’s home of 45 Albert Square is valued at £855,512 or a monthly mortgage of £3,651.

Salman Haqqi, Senior Personal Finance Writer from money.co.uk says…

“With purchasing property still a difficult task for many first-time buyers, we wanted to see how property value is portrayed in some of the world’s most engaged with fictional universes. Understanding what the mortgage value of some of these properties is helps reinforce, or suspend reality when considering character circumstances and incomes in our favourite games, shows and films.” 

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