• SOAP: EastEnders
  • On: BBC One
  • Date: Friday 9th October 2020
  • Time: 20:35 to 21:00 (25 minutes)
  • Directors: Conor Morrissey, Laurence Wilson, John Howlett
  • Writer: Kim Revill

Whitney is shaken from yesterday’s courtroom debacle but Sonia reassures her to put it all behind her, especially as Mick is testifying today.

The prosecution grills Whitney at her trial.

Billy feels a distance between himself and Karen.

Karen is broken from the funeral, so Mitch makes her an offer.

Kat is desperate for money to pay Suki‘s increased rent – and when Kush comes up trumps, Jean cannot help but be suspicious.

The pressure of court proves too much for Mick who collapses with a panic attack.