Hollyoaks spoilers: A blast from the past returns as Hollyoaks celebrates 25 years

Can you believe it? 25 years since Hollyoaks first graced our television screens. The style may have changed since the 90s but one thing has remained a constant, the shows longest resident, Tony Hutchinson, has been dishing up drama and dinners since day one. And while we may live in an era of uncertainty that isn’t stopping Hollyoaks from pulling out all the stops to celebrate this milestone.  

Despite ‘dying’ almost 19 years ago, this anniversary week sees the return of Tony’s friend and original cast member Kurt Benson played by Jeremy Edwards.  

As the week kicks off, we find a struggling Tony being represented by Sami in his divorce while Edward convinces Verity to play hard ball as she represents Diane. Later, Edward ups the ante by pushing Tony to speed things up.  Tony is tearful as he knows the end is here and gives up his wedding ring before handing over the application for divorce to Diane. 

Mr Hollyoaks himself Nick Pickard (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Just who Is ‘the love of his life’ well that is the message Tony receives to meet him at The Hutch on Thursday. As Tony and Darren try to speculate exes such as Ruth and Julie are brought up. Tony is however remaining it is Diane who still remains the only love of his life.  

A heartbroken Tony later finds a suit with a note saying ‘wear me’ from his admirer, but he has decided to cancel the date. 

The roar of a motorbike in the village brings back Kurt and Tony stumbles as he sees his old, and dead, friend. It’s also a shock for Mandy, Darren and Cindy. 

Not a face Tony expected to see (Picture: Lime Pictures)

A question looms now though: Kurt didn’t die in the jet ski accident, just who did? 

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday 19th October on E4 

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