Emmerdale cast list spoilers: Monday 19 – Friday 23 October 2020


Sam encourages Belle to take her pills. Cain and Moira confront Jamie. Paul secretly chases the dream of a big win.


The Dingles realise Jamie has cottoned on to their plan their situation seems hopeless until Nate offers to take the rap for the hit-&-run in an effort to keep Belle out of harm’s way

Billy and Ellis continue to argue and fall out.

Mandy struggles to get money together to get a bigger stake in the salon. Paul skulks out.

Arriving at the police station with Cain, Nate struggles to muster the courage to enter the station and confess to the hit-&-run.


Vinny confronts Paul with bad results. Nate is given advice. Things get worse for Dan.

Thursday Episode One

Vinny is still confused by what happened. Belle struggles. A mischievous Gabby decides to meddle.

Thursday Episode Two

Mandy is keen for her family to reunite. Gabby takes charge at work and fans the flames of Leyla’s paranoia.


Liam is upset that Leyla is avoiding him. Harriet returns to the village as the Salon prepares to re-open.


  • Aaron Anthony as Ellis Chapman
  • Alexander Lincoln as Jamie Tate
  • Amy Walsh as Tracy Metcalfe
  • Ash Palmisciano as Matty Barton
  • Bradley Johnson as Vinny Dingle
  • Carryl Thomas as Cara Robinson
  • Charlotte Bellamy as Laurel Thomas
  • Daisy Campbell as Amelia Spencer
  • Dean Andrews as Will Taylor
  • Eden Taylor-Draper as Belle Dingle
  • Isobel Steele as Liv Flaherty
  • Jack Downham as Noah Dingle
  • James Hooton as Sam Dingle
  • Jane Cox as Lisa Dingle
  • Jay Kontzle as Billy Fletcher
  • Jeff Hordley as Cain Dingle
  • John-Paul Bell as Gwyn
  • Jonny McPherson as Liam Cavanagh
  • Jurell Carter as Nate Robinson
  • Karen Blick as Lydia Dingle
  • Katherine Dow Blyton as Harriet Finch
  • Katie Hill as Sarah Sugden
  • Liam Fox as Dan Spencer
  • Lisa Riley as Mandy Dingle
  • Mark Charnock as Marlon Dingle
  • Michael Wildman as Al Chapman
  • Natalie J. Robb as Moira Dingle
  • Nick Miles as Jimmy King
  • Nicola Wheeler as Nicola King
  • Paige Sandhu as Meena Jutla
  • Reece Dinsdale as Paul Ashdale
  • Rosie Bentham as Gabby Thomas
  • Roxy Shahidi as Leyla Harding
  • Tony Audenshaw as Bob Hope

Emmerdale airs Monday – Friday at 7.00pm on ITV with an extra episode at 8.00pm on Thursdays.

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