Abi, David, Shona, Leanne, Nick and Asha in Corrie

Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 26 – Friday 30 October 2020


SCOTT UPS THE ANTE When Ray tells Faye that he’s entertaining some investors that evening and he’d like her to act as hostess. Reminding Faye about Ray’s reputation, Craig asserts he’ll park himself at the bar to keep an eye on things. As Scott talks Johnny through the details of the robbery, revealing he’s carrying a gun, Johnny’s horrified and refuses to take part. Scott tries to force Johnny into the car but he suffers a severe MS attack and collapses. He tells Scott he desperately needs his meds but Scott smashes the phone and knocks Johnny unconscious. Ray has a poker game in full swing when a masked Scott bursts into the bistro and brandishing his gun at Faye, orders everyone to do as he says.

STEVE & LEANNE ARE GIVEN HOPE Steve breaks the news to Leanne that he’s tried ten more specialists but no one is willing to fight their corner. Gail implores Nick to be honest and put a halt to Oliver’s suffering but Nick is adamant that he has to support Leanne or risks losing her too. Wendy interviews Nick and Gail. When Nick assures Wendy that Oliver responds to sound and touch Gail isn’t convinced and the pair row. Nick slams the door behind her before an excited Leanne and Steve emerge from Oliver’s room saying he responded to the slamming of the door which proves he can hear.

TODD’S BACK TO HIS OLD TRICKS Todd’s amused to hear that Eileen is meeting George and Mary for dinner and suggests that George’s interests lie with her, not Mary. Todd arrives at Speed Daal ready to cause mischief.

ELSEWHERE When Imran suggests to Alya they might have to sell Yasmeen’s house to pay her legal fees, Gary’s quick to chip in and offers to put them in touch with a developer.

MONDAY 26TH OCTOBER – 2nd Episode

CRAIG’S CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE Johnny staggers to a phone box and reports the robbery to the police. Pointing his gun at Faye, Scott orders Ray and his mates to hand over their cash. Craig hears the call, aware he should wait for backup, but fearing for Faye’s safety, 

Craig enters the bistro. Grabbing the cash, Scott makes a dash for the door but Craig attacks him with a chair. The gun goes off and Craig slumps to the floor as Scott legs it. As Craig and Johnny’s lives hang in the balance will Scott make his getaway? 

LEANNE’S HOPES ARE DASHED When Dr Howarth explains that Oliver’s response to the door was just an involuntary reflex, Leanne’s furious. Nick suggests that from now they note down all Oliver’s responses in the hope that it will prove to the doctors he’s not a lost cause.  

YASMEEN PAYS THE PRICE Alya runs a credit check on Yasmeen and is shocked to see a series of unpaid loans against her name. Yasmeen admits that Geoff most likely duped her into signing the forms and not only that, but she signed half the house over to him too. 

ELSEWHERE Evelyn suggests to Arthur that rather than a weekend away, they should have a month. Arthur’s taken aback and making excuses, rushes out leaving Evelyn devastated. Over dinner, Todd tries to belittle George but George gives him short shrift. Mary’s convinced Todd’s just concerned for Aunty Mary, Eileen masks her concern.


JOHNNY LOOKS INTO HIS PAST Scott threatens Johnny, promising that if he goes down for armed robbery, he’ll take him with him. Finding an old newspaper article about the robbery he was involved in years ago, Johnny heads out. An elderly lady later turns up on the street asking why Johnny was hanging round outside her house. Johnny asks after Grant who used to live there. Margaret reveals that Grant was her son, he survived a terrible robbery many years ago but it ruined his life and he died an alcoholic. Johnny’s devastated. Ashen-faced Johnny tells Jenny that there’s something he needs to share with her.

YASMEEN NEEDS A MIRACLE Imran reckons the only way they can fund Yasmeen’s trial is if they can persuade Geoff to sell the house and use Yasmeen’s share of the money. Alya gets to work.

DYLAN OPENS UP TO SEAN At Todd’s suggestion, Sean reluctantly agrees to a kickabout on the Red Rec with Dylan. Dylan confides in Sean that his girlfriend has dumped him. Sean’s sympathetic.

ELSEWHERE Evelyn demands to know why Arthur’s cooled towards the idea of a holiday. Struggling with his emotions, Arthur tells her it’s best they call it a day. 


JOHNNY COMES CLEAN Squirming with shame, Johnny reveals his criminal past to Jenny, that he was once the getaway driver in a robbery. Jenny’s appalled. Johnny admits that Scott was responsible for the bistro robbery and tried to force him into driving the car but he refused to be a part of it. Jenny turns on Johnny for allowing this gun wielding maniac to move into their home. Johnny reveals he’s going to shop Scott to the police even if it means paying the price for a crime he committed over thirty years ago. However Scott calls at the Rovers and tells Emma to let Johnny know he’s leaving for a new job in Kent. Johnny wonders if he’s been thrown a lifeline.

ALYA WANTS ANSWERS Geoff enjoys winding Alya up and it’s soon apparent he has no intention of selling the house. Alya quizzes him about the loans, he points the finger of blame at Yasmeen and her expensive tastes but Alya isn’t fooled. In a bid to find out what he’s done with the money, Alya and Ryan resolve to follow Geoff and see what he’s up to.

EVELYN GOES CAP IN HAND TO DEV Putting on a brave face, Evelyn explains to Dev that her relationship is in the bin, her holiday cancelled and she’d like her job back. Will Dev agree after the way she walked out?


SCOTT LEAVES HIS MARK It looks like Jenny may be prepared to give Johnny a second chance, that is until Scott tips up and tells her how Johnny once left a security guard for dead. Jenny’s horrified but neither of them notice Emma, who’s heard every word. Scott offers Emma £5k towards Oliver’s fund for her silence. Can she be bought? Meanwhile Johnny opens up to Jenny about his guilt. When she then finds a note from Johnny, explaining he’s gone to the police station to tell the truth, she tries to call him but Scott grabs the phone and pointing his gun at her, orders Johnny to return home or he’ll shoot his wife! 

GEOFF PULLS A FAST ONE Having overheard Geoff on the phone arranging a date, Alya resolves to follow him. However she’s taken aback to discover his date is a little old lady called Doris from hospital radio. As a police officer approaches and warns Alya that Geoff has made a complaint about her for harassment, Geoff meets up with his new girlfriend in a swanky hotel, pleased to have got one over Alya.

EVELYN WANTS ANSWERS FROM ARTHUR When Toyah reveals that she saw Arthur at the hospital a worried Evelyn arranges to meet him. Evelyn is floored as Arthur reveals the reason for his hospital visit. 

ELSEWHERE When Debbie makes out that her business venture is taking longer than expected and she’ll be staying for the foreseeable, Abi wonders if they’ll ever be rid of her.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on ITV at 7:30 and 8:30 with Friday’s visit to Corrie being an hour-long.

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