Misery loves company which is great for Coronation Street but gets a bit much after a while

Here we go again, another post of me moaning. Join me this time as I nitpick at Weatherfield and the residents of Misery Street.

Let’s start with the biggest story playing out at the moment, Oliver’s deteriorating health. There is no winner in this storyline, no miracle cure, and no happy ending. The sad fact is Oliver will die soon and every episode I find myself torn between shouting at the screen for Oliver’s army to let him go with dignity, but also I see the grief of Leanne, Steve and everyone else wanting to hold on as long as they can to him.

Where I don’t agree on this storyline is the decision to introduce Nick’s secret son in the middle of it. Natasha and therefore Sam could have been introduced at any point in the last 9 years or even when this storyline was done but it just seems, to me, a reason to have Leanne at odds with Nick. It plays out as being: Sorry Nick you are going to lose Oliver but we’ll give you your own son.

I’ve never exactly got behind the belief that the show is too dark, however, lately I do feel it. Episode after episode is set in the hospital and when we aren’t watching those heartbreaking scenes it’s misery pretty much everywhere with nothing to balance it out.

We’ve had Craig getting shot recently in armed robbery, Todd’s return which included him wanting to fake his death. Ray playing the world’s longest version of monopoly. Michael finding out after a year he wasn’t a daddy but is going to be. All dramatic but some lighter relief scenes would be great. Next week we have Peter falling off the wagon, just in times for the 60th anniversary.

As a viewer I love the drama it keeps me hooked but it appears we jump from one misery plot to another so fast with nothing to lift the mood.

Coronation Street continues tomorrow on ITV, and I suspect I will be reaching for a box of tissues again.

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