Happy Sunday everyone it’s time for another series of hit Netflix The Crown and here are some facts and for the new series.

How many locations are used in total for S4?

Roughly 90 locations. About 75% of filming takes place on location. 

What has been the most challenging prop item to source?

Food with the right packaging and old mobile phones. 

How many photo frames of the principle cast are there?

There are approx. 70 silver photo frames of different characters for all the sets.

What props are on the Queen’s desk?

Various racing related objects – a horseshoe pen holder, horse hoof letter opener, bespoke Royal ER gilt embossed stationery blotters and diaries, lots of photos of her family (particularly her father). Also bespoke leather frames made – again with the Royal crest embossed on them.  

How many cigarette holders did Helena have as Princess Margaret?

There were about 12 options overall but Helena picked a favourite and pretty much used that one, it’s a thick horn cigarette holder. The only time she would use a daintier holder would be during a party scene on occasion. She had approximately 8 different antique cigarette cases, but again she had a couple of favourites that she used more regularly than others.

How many corgis are featured? 

Mainly feature 2 corgis, called Lily and Prince. From time to time there are additional Corgis to form a larger family/royal household group of Corgis for bigger setups, including corgi puppies. 

Which cars does the Queen drive?

She is driven in a Rolls Royce Phantom VI.
She drives a S2 Land Rover in Balmoral. 

How many audiences between the Prime Minister and the Queen took place this season? 

We have a total of 11 audiences between Elizabeth and Thatcher in S4

How many wigs does each principal character have?

6 wigs each

How long does it take to create a wig? 

3 weeks minimum

Who has the most varied hair styles? 

Princess Margaret

Total number of costumes made:
Around 400

Total number costumes made for the Queen:
120 (individual pieces) 

Total number of costumes made for Diana:
80 (individual pieces)

How many fittings does each cast member have until a costume is ready? 

Usually 2 or 3 but can be upto 4 if it is a complicated piece ie. Wedding dress, Queen’s
trooping of the colour riding habit.

How long does it take for a design to go from sketch to screen?

On average, it takes around 2-3 weeks depending on the intricacy of the costume. 

How many uniforms feature in this series?

Approximately 1500 uniforms, for Trooping of the Colour and there were a lot of foreign uniforms for Mountbatten’s funeral. The biggest uniform day was the Falklands Victory Parade which featured all 3 forces. 

How many outfits did Diana have for the Australia tour?


How many handbags does the Queen have?


The Queen has 6 handbags. Most of these were bought from the company The Queen
actually uses. 

How many prime ministers in the Queen’s reign?


How many prime ministers featured in the Crown so far?


How many castles does the Queen own?


How many Royal residences are there?

23 – Buckingham Palace (London), Windsor Castle (Windsor), Palace of Holyroodhouse
(Edinburgh), Hillsborough Castle (N. Ireland), Sandringham House (Norfolk), Balmoral
Castle (Aberdeenshire), Craigowan Lodge (Aberdeenshire) Clarence House (London),
Highgrove House (Gloucestershire), Llwynywermod (Carmarthenshire, Wales), Tamarisk
(Isles of Scilly), Birkhall (Aberdeenshire), Kensington Palace (London), Anmer Hall
(Norfolk), Frogmore (Windsor), St James’s Palace (London), Gatcombe Park
(Gloucestershire), Ivy Cottage (Kensington Palace), The Royal Lodge (Windsor), Bagshot
Park (Surrey), Barnwell Manor (Northamptonshire), Wren House (Kensington Palace),
Thatched House Lodge (Richmond).

How many Royal residences feature in The Crown

Eight – Buckingham Palace, Balmoral, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, Sandringham,
Highgrove, Clarence House, Gatcombe Park.

How often do the audiences between the Queen and Prime Minister take place?

The Queen meets the Prime Minister for at least 30 minutes every Tuesday when the
House of Commons is sitting. 

How many audiences did Thatcher and the Queen have?

Over 200 

The Crown Series 4 drops on Netflix from 8am on Sunday 15 November 2020