Monday November 30th

RAY USES FAYE TO HIS ADVANTAGE Faye arrives at Ray’s hotel ready for work. When Faye reveals Sally’s changed her mind about selling the house, Ray’s quietly fuming. Cunning Ray tells Faye that he can sort Sally out with a house in Hale Barns at a significant discount. Faye shows Sally and Tim the property details for the house in Hale Barns. Sally’s bowled over and tells Tim they’re definitely moving. Having sold the house to Roxy, Sally waves her off. Abi recognises Roxy and confides in Debbie that she suspects Ray is trying to buy up the whole street. 

LEANNE COPES WHILE STEVE STRUGGLES When George calls at Nick and Leanne’s flat to discuss Oliver’s funeral arrangements, Leanne manically goes over all the funeral details with George. Tracy finds Nick alone in the cafe.  When Nick reveals how Leanne is busy arranging the funeral, Tracy’s concerned that Steve should be involved too.

TIM FINALLY SEES RED On the street, Geoff intentionally goads Tim, telling him that even as a child he knew he’d never amount to anything.  Tim falls for it and punches him.

ELSEWHERE Imran visits Yasmeen and breaks the news that Paula has been signed off work.  Yasmeen refuses to delay the trial and insists Imran represents her instead.

Monday November 30th

ABI SMELLS A RAT Ray drives Faye back to the street. Abi confides in Craig that she doesn’t trust Ray and Craig reveals that he saw some incriminating paperwork on Ray’s desk. Abi searches Ray’s office and, finding an interesting invoice, pockets it. At No.13, Abi shows Kevin and Sally the invoice she found in Ray’s office. Having called a colleague on the council, Sally confirms that a planning application has been submitted to knock down half the street. Debbie warns Ray that Abi is onto them but she’s damned if she’s going to let her ruin their plans.

TRACY CAN’T GET THROUGH TO STEVE Tracy tells Steve how Leanne is planning a celebration of Oliver’s life. Showing little interest, Steve heads back to bed. Leanne tells Nick that she’d welcome his support at Oliver’s funeral but after that, they need to work out the terms of their separation. 

TIM IS ROCKED BY NEWS FROM THE POLICE Geoff takes a selfie of his bloodied nose. Imran and Alya are horrified to hear that Tim punched Geoff and point out that he’s no longer a credible witness. When Tim takes a call from the police telling him that they’ve found Elaine but she’s been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, Alya realises her Gran’s defence is well and truly scuppered.


RAY IS FORCED TO SHOW HIS HAND As Sally and Abi realise that not only is Ray planning to knock down the street he also owns the development in Hale Barns. Abi rallies the neighbours and at a meeting in Victoria Gardens they decide to gatecrash Ray’s press launch, what will they do? Meanwhile Craig confesses to Faye that he knew about Ray’s plans but was sworn to secrecy otherwise Ray would have sacked her. Unable to look Craig in the eye, Faye tells him it’s best if they call it quits. Craig’s devastated

YASMEEN FACES THE FINAL TRIAL Yasmeen’s a bag of nerves as the trial begins and the barristers deliver their opening statements. Geoff takes the witness box and paints Yasmeen as a violent alcoholic. Yasmeen listens, outraged by his lies. Tim visits Elaine in hospital and apologises for ever disbelieving that she was his Mum. However when Tim asks her to give evidence at the trial, how will she react? 

LEANNE WANTS THE PERFECT FUNERAL FOR OLIVER Leanne calls at No.1 and goes over the funeral arrangements with Tracy. Tracy admits that Steve is still in bed but assures Leanne he would never miss his son’s funeral. Simon confides in Shona how he’s dreading giving a reading at Oliver’s funeral. Shona assures him he’ll be fine and just to speak from the heart. Simon’s buoyed by her words. Nick presents Leanne with her own memory box of Oliver keepsakes. Leanne’s touched.


GEOFF GETS HIS OWN WAY Elaine confides in Tim that she’s convinced Geoff has been spying on her in the hospital. Geoff plays to the jury, telling them how Yasmeen lunged at him with the broken bottle in a vicious and nasty attack. Tim implores Elaine to reconsider as she’s Yasmeen’s only real hope. Imran cross examines Geoff who is forced to admit that his first wife may not be dead after all and Elaine might well be Tim’s mother. 

CRACKS ARE SHOWING IN THE FIGHT FOR THE STREET Sally, Dev, Brian and Roy discuss Ray’s latest offer. Sally’s adamant that they mustn’t give in to a criminal intent on destroying their community. Abi, Adam, David and Sarah realise that without the factory, Ray’s plans are scuppered and wonder if he’s approached Gary. They set off to find out.

ELSEWHERE Clearly enjoying Shona’s company, Simon offers to make her a playlist. 

Friday December 4th

ALL EYES ARE ON YASMEEN In the witness box Imran questions Yasmeen, painting Geoff as a nasty, controlling bully. He shows the court the phone footage of Geoff’s abusive behaviour. Geoff starts to look uneasy. Yasmeen describes to the court how she’s been the victim of domestic abuse and talks them through the fateful evening when she attacked Geoff. The prosecution barrister tears into Yasmeen, taking apart her version of events piece by piece. 

STEVE RALLIES WHILE LEANNE LOSES HER COOL Having decorated Victoria Garden for Oliver’s memorial service, Tracy worries that there’s no sign of Steve. Steve visits Oliver’s old room in the hospital only to find it now occupied by another very poorly child. As the mourners gather for Oliver’s memorial service, a breathless Steve arrives. With the service about to start, Leanne’s shocked to spot Sam hovering outside the gardens. 

RAY THINKS HE HAS FOUND THE WEAK LINK When Abi reveals that she’s off to a meeting to discuss how they can stop Ray in his tracks, Kevin’s proud of her whilst Debbie tries to hide her irritation. Faye suggests to Ray that he’s been using her. Abi, Brian, David, Nina and Roy meet in Speed Daal to discuss Ray’s plans. Roy suggests that they get the brewery listed as a building of historical interest thereby preventing it from being demolished.

Friday December 4th

THERE’S A LIGHT IN THE DARK FOR YASMEEN Alya takes the witness box and endures a grilling from the prosecution barrister. Sally takes the witness box but the prosecution is quick to point out that Sally’s evidence is based purely on hearsay. Yasmeen calls Alya from prison and asserts that it’s now up to the jury to decide her fate.

LEANNE SAYS GOODBYE TO HER SON AND RELATIONSHIP Leanne is furious that Nick is placating Sam during Oliver’s memorial service. Leanne addresses the mourners and talks about her treasured son Oliver. 

DEBBIE PLOTS TO GET RID OF ABI Abi tells Kevin about their plan to have the brewery listed as an historical building. Debbie warns Ray that Abi’s got a plan but she intends to put paid to whatever it is.

ELSEWHERE In the Rovers, Peter overhears a tipsy Sarah speaking to Carla and he demands answers. 

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