Emmerdale spoilers: Friday 4 December 2020

Friday 4th December 2020 7.00pm – 7.30pm

Manpreet warns David off Meena. Has Manpreet put the kibosh on their future?

Returning from her break with Pollard, Brenda Hope fumes to see Nicola has taken control of the cafe.

Priya lashes out at Jai for the damage he’s caused.

  • Written by Isobel Cameron
  • Directed by Becky Wild


  • Bhasker Patel as Rishi Sharma
  • Bradley Johnson as Vinny Dingle
  • Christopher Bisson as Jai Sharma
  • Christopher Chittell as Eric Pollard
  • Danny Miller as Aaron Dingle
  • Fiona Wade as Priya Kotecha
  • Isobel Steele as Liv Flaherty
  • Lesley Dunlop as Brenda Walker
  • Matthew Wolfenden as David Metcalfe
  • Michael Wildman as Al Chapman
  • Nick Miles as Jimmy King
  • Nicola Wheeler as Nicola King
  • Paige Sandhu as Meena Jutla
  • Rebecca Sarker as Manpreet Sharma
  • Reece Dinsdale as Paul Ashdale

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