Hollyoaks at Christmas: Tony is dealt the devastating blow that he may never see Diane again. Celeste tries to raise her family’s Christmas spirits but worries that Felix won’t stop until justice is served on Toby. The tug of love continues between Sienna, Liberty and Faith, with Brody stuck in the middle, while Mercedes is excited about Bobby coming home, unaware of Silas’s kidnap plot. Also, Cindy is desperate for the perfect Christmas, and Tom worries that he’s not Yazz’s ideal man after all.

Monday 21 December

  • Writer: Luke Delaney
  • Director: Suzanne Readwin

The McQueens continue to guess who is behind their blackmail nightmare. Tony tries to work out where his life went so wrong, while Edward has a plan to make sure that Tony never sees his family again. Sienna and Liberty continue to battle over baby Faith. Celeste tries to boost the Deveraux family’s Christmas spirit.

Tuesday 22 December

  • Writer: Lyn Papadopoulos
  • Director: Suzanne Readwin

Edward forms a menacing plan, but Tony won’t give up his family without a fight. Mercedes looks forward to a family reunion, unaware of Silas’s sinister plot, while the McQueens start to turn on each other. Cindy is desperate to have the perfect Christmas, but will Ollie let her? Sienna refuses to back down over baby Faith.

Wednesday 23 December – (HOUR LONG)

  • Writer: Gareth Lemon and Alanna Hallum
  • Director: Suzanne Readwin

Edward has some devastating news for Tony and makes one last play for victory over his son. Sienna’s affair with Warren looks set to be exposed. Luke takes drastic action to teach Ollie a lesson. And Tom isn’t sure that he’s the right match for Yazz after all.

As an early Christmas present, the next three episodes of Hollyoaks are available on All 4, directly after transmission of this episode, on Wednesday 23 December.

New Year in Hollyoaks: Juliet receives a threat from Victor that one of her loved ones will die before midnight and it’s a race against time to get everyone to safety, but tragedy is a certainty this New Year’s Eve. Yazz and Tom prepare for their midnight wedding as well as Tom’s 21 st Birthday celebrations, but with the drama unfolding in the village, will anyone be there to watch them say “I do”? Nancy is met with accusations against Charlie and she soon discovers that she doesn’t know much about her nephew at all.

Monday 28 December

  • Writer: Shaun Kitchener
  • Director: Sean Glynn

It’s New Year’s Eve and the day of Yazz and Tom’s wedding. The ‘parents who party’ group chat is in full swing as Cindy uploads a selfie, excited about tonight’s wedding and the end of 2020. Victor calls together his teenage drug runners – Juliet, Charlie and Ella – for their final orders ahead of the celebrations, but John Paul spots Charlie dealing to Ollie. Elsewhere, the Maalik family are overwhelmed when stunning bride Yazz walks down the stairs.

Tuesday 29 December – (HOUR LONG)

  • Writer: Colin O’Donnell and James Coleman
  • Director: Sean Glynn

Nancy is in disbelief when John Paul tells her that he’s just seen Charlie dealing drugs. After Victor’s threat to kill one of her loved ones, Juliet races against time to protect her family and friends – but is she too late when Leela finds Sid’s smashed-up guitar? Elsewhere, with all the drama unfolding in the village, will Tom and Yazz’s wedding go ahead?

Wednesday 30 December

  • Writer: Jayshree Patel
  • Director: Sean Glynn

John Paul is fearful when he speaks to George about the dangerous situation unfolding in the village. After tragedy strikes, and The Hutch becomes a crime scene, Darren can’t contain his emotions. Meanwhile, Ollie’s actions threaten to tear Luke and Cindy apart.