Coronation Street spoilers: A major new story begins as Adam Barlow is attacked

So there we have it, Coronation Street has hit the big 60th anniversary. But the big question now is, who hit Adam Barlow? A storyline that will take us into 2021 has no shortage of suspects. Carla, Gary, Sarah, or Peter.

As Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) lies in a hospital bed fighting for his life, following tonight’s shocking episode of Coronation Street, this picture shows those in the frame for his attack.

During the final moments of the hour long show, which marked the culmination of a week of 60th anniversary celebrations for the country’s longest running drama serial, a mystery attacker came into the bistro and struck Adam from behind.

Was is Gary?

The tension between Gary Windass (Mikey North) has been mounting for months with Adam marrying Gary’s ex Sarah (Tina O’Brien). Tonight’s episode saw Adam threaten Gary with the police over the body in the woods, which as we know from spoilers Sarah reports him to the police for. Could this be retribution for Gary attacking Adam?

Was it Sarah?

Sarah certainly has a motive for hurting Adam having just found out that Adam slept with Carla. Also, she publicly threatened that if he followed her that she would not be responsible for her actions.

Was it Peter?

We know the Barlow boys are no strangers to lashing out and having sunk too much drink Peter did have hold of a brick before passing out.

Was it Carla?

Carla bitterly regrets the night she spent with Adam and begged him to keep it a secret from Peter, knowing the truth would destroy him. But when Adam stood up and came clean did Peter’s descent push Carla too far?

Was it Simon?

Simon discovered Carla’s betrayal that has pushed Peter back to the drink. Peter ordered Simon to stop having anything to do with Adam and he stormed off. Coronation Street has promised big things for Simon in 2021, is this it?

Over the coming weeks as Adam battles in hospital we’ll see the police close in on their prime suspect. But have they got the right one?

The 60th anniversary week might have come to a close but unmissable Coronation Street continues on Monday, 14th December on ITV.

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