While Jac tries to throw herself into her working day, why can’t she shake her worry about what Kian is getting up to?

Regardless of the outcome of the Hearing, will Skylar ever be able to forgive herself?

As Jodie’s campaign against Beka puts Sacha’s life in danger too, will Lucky work out what is going on before it’s too late?


  • Alex Walkinshaw as Adrian “Fletch” Fletcher
  • Amy Lennox as Chloe Godard
  • Barry Aird as Gary Turnbull
  • Belinda Owusu as Nicky Mckendrick
  • Bob Barrett as Sacha Levy
  • Chan Woo Lim as Jeong-soo Han
  • David Ames as Dominic Copeland
  • Dawn Steele as Ange Godard
  • Elliot Levey as Michael Townsend
  • Eugene Mccoy as Carl Ritter
  • Francesca Barrett as Beka Levy
  • Jaye Jacobs as Donna Jackson
  • Jo Martin as Max Mcgerry
  • Miles Mitchell as Alex Duval
  • Nic Jackman as Cameron Dunn
  • Phoebe Pryce as Skylar Bryce
  • Rosie Marcel as Jac Naylor
  • Sian Reese-williams as Jodie Rodgers
  • Trieve Blackwood-cambridge as Josh Hudson
  • Vineeta Rishi as Lucky Simpson
  • Director – Jamie Annett
  • Producer – Sandra Maciver
  • Writer – Patrick Homes

Holby City airs this 40 minute episode on BBC One at 8:00 pm on Tuesday 19 January 2021.

By Eastieoaks

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