• Ziggy finally catches up with Tane.
  • Angelo confronts Colby in his office.
  • Dean finds both Amber and Jay gone.
  • Ari seems distant over Tane’s health.
  • Mackenzie confronts Ziggy and Tane.
  • Colby starts to realise he might be the reason Bella is leaving.

Monday 11th January 2021, Channel 5, 1:15pm – 1:45pm

  • Writer – Fiona Kelly
  • Director – David Gould

Ziggy finally catches up with Tane, who now has to deal with not just the van being gone, but also the drug dealers on his tail. Bella tells Colby that Angelo knows about him and Taylor, but will Colby believe her?

Tuesday 12th January 2021, Channel 5, 1:15pm – 1:45pm

  • Writer – Andrew Osborne
  • Director – David Gould

Angelo confronts Colby in his office and an explosive argument ensues. Where will Taylor go? Amber returns to the Bay, but isn’t ready to forgive Dean for leaving with Jay. Her behaviour is different, sparking concern in Dean and Willow.

Wednesday 13th January 2021, Channel 5, 1:15pm – 1:45pm

  • Writer – Margaret Wilson
  • Director – David Gould

Dean’s worst nightmare comes true when he finds both Amber and Jay gone, and learns that Amber has no intention of letting him raise his son. Justin struggles to eat, while Tori and Christian get closer. Alf and Martha find an upset Roo.

Thursday 14th January 2021, Channel 5, 1:15pm – 1:45pm

  • Writer – Colin Delaney
  • Director – David Gould

Ari seems distant and down over Tane’s health, as well as Nikau and Bella moving to New Zealand. When Justin returns from hospital, Tori worries about his health and disagrees with Christian on the medical side of things. Martha intends to return to Merimbula.

Friday 15th January 2021, Channel 5, 1:15pm – 1:45pm

  • Writer – Hamilton Budd
  • Director – David Gould

Mackenzie confronts Ziggy and Tane, and Ari decides to step in to help with the drug dealer situation. Colby accuses Nikau of forcing Bella to move, but quickly redirects his anger after learning that Bella has shared their secret.


  • Ada Nicodemou as Leah Patterson
  • Annabelle Stephenson as Taylor Rosetta
  • Belinda Giblin as Martha Stewart
  • Courtney Miller as Bella Nixon
  • Ditch Davey as Christian Green
  • Emily Symons as Marilyn Chambers
  • Emily Weir as Mackenzie Booth
  • Ethan Browne as Tane Parata
  • Georgie Parker as Roo Stewart
  • Jack Finsterer as Paul
  • James Stewart as Justin Morgan
  • Kawakawa Fox-Reo as Nikau Parata
  • Lukas Radovich as Ryder Jackson
  • Luke Jacobz as Angelo Rosetta
  • Lynne McGranger as Irene Roberts
  • Maddy Jevic as Amber Simmons
  • Patrick O’Connor as Dean Thompson
  • Penny McNamee as Tori Morgan
  • Ray Meagher as Alf Stewart
  • River Jarvis as Jai Simmons
  • Rob Kipa-Williams as Ari Parata
  • Sam Frost as Jasmine Delaney
  • Sarah Roberts as Willow Harris
  • Shane Withington as John Palmer
  • Sophie Dillman as Ziggy Astoni
  • Tim Franklin as Colby Thorne
  • Will McNeill as Leon