Carol Vorderman: Closer To Home – Episode 2

Carol Vorderman continues to reconnect with north Wales as she visits the places and people that hold a piece of her heart.

In the second episode of her new series Carol Vorderman: Closer To Home, the presenter heads to Rhyl, Towyn, Denbigh and Bethesda as she shares stories of her own personal mentors and meets those mentoring others.

Carol said: “This week, I’m continuing my journey in the old stomping ground of my childhood on the north Wales coast. I am what I am because I was lucky that certain people encouraged me to do well, so I want to celebrate my mentors and meet those of the next generation.”

Carol spent her secondary school years in Rhyl and it is here that her love of maths was first ignited by her former teacher Mr Parry. Although her school no longer exists, she visits the new one built on the same grounds and meets current students who have in turn been inspired by her.

She also meets Bethan, a young black belt in karate who, at the age of 18 is already a qualified instructor and carer for her mum Julie. Despite her age, Bethan uses her skills to teach others in her community. Meanwhile in Towyn, she visits young harness racer Stephen Lee Junior – who has been inspired to race by his champion father – as he prepares for his first ever race.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Carol then travels to Denbigh where she once lived with her mother and step-father Gabriel before their divorce. Meeting up with her step-brother Arthur, the pair reminisce about Gabriel and the positive effect he had on her life growing up.

Meanwhile in Bethesda, she meets someone else who is having a positive impact in his community. At the Penrhyn slate quarry, Carol joins up with a teacher using zip lining as a way to inspire a love of maths and physics in his students.

Carol Vorderman: Closer To Home on BBC One Wales, 8.30pm tomorrow (12 January 2021).

If you missed Episode 1 you can catch it here on Iplayer.

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