Monday 11th January 2021 (E4) 19:00 – 19:30

  • Writer – Jonathan Larkin
  • Director – Gary Williams

John Paul tries to get his head around what happened last night but wonders whether he’s actually the one in the wrong.

Sienna decides to put things right after sabotaging Liberty’s recovery at Christmas.

Meanwhile, the events of Christmas Day are still taking their toll on the Hutchinson household.

Sid gives James a bottle of wine as a thank you for his help. However, James insults Sid’s ‘paint-stripper’ wine in front of Ste, not realising that it was actually Ste who bought it with his last bit of cash.

Sienna confides in Warren that she made Liberty think she’d hallucinated their kiss.

Verity is hurt when Diane plans to sell Edward’s cello.